I was with my sole mate for 17 years.  We had a great life with our young son. K was the perfect mum and I was an ok dad.  Life was good.

Then 6 months ago my partner goes for a routine visit to the doctor. Hours later she is in hospital for tests and one day later I’m told that she has no more than a couple of weeks to live. Four weeks later I’m picking up her ashes.

Single parent (not prepared for this) and trying to grieve (not prepared for this).  I’m not sure I can do this.

Well 6 months later:

– I’m still not sure I can do this

– I still haven’t found the single parent manual

– I still haven’t grieved properly

– Still pretty rubbish at being a single parent

– Life and career still in turmoil


– My kid seems to be doing sort of ok

– I haven’t destroyed the house (apart from the washing machine)

– And I’m still here

11 thoughts on “6 months ago – world changes

  1. Oct 22nd 2016 Nick was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer. 21 months later, I held his face in my hands and told him I love him and it was OK to go. I had 21 months plus the 18 months leading up to the finally figuring out what was going on.

    I still wasn’t prepared.

    I had 23 years with him.

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