Looking back at last year, two days were particularly bleak for me. Those were my partners birthday and Valentines Day. Fast forward into 2018 and Valentines Day is looming. It’s still a week to go but it’s everywhere. The shops are full of Valentines cards, flowers and gifts. The TV and Radio is just wall to wall Valentines Day adverts. Even my e-mail account is filling up with helpful reminders from companies imploring me to not forget to buy my loved one the perfect red rose or the perfect gift.

“Don’t forget to buy your loved one this indulgent….”

“The perfect gift this Valentines for the one you love…”

“Give the gift of memories…”

“Love is in the air…”


Every day I grieve. Even on the good days I still get moments of desolation. What is certainly not helping is the constant Valentines advertising bombardment. Yes I want to remember her, but on my own terms.

So as part of my survival strategy I am tomorrow

  • Filtering out any email referencing the V word, the junk folder is going to get a hammering
  • At the first sign of any advert break , the TV/radio will either be turned off or I shall leave the room to make a coffee
  • I am also going to lock away any cd I find which features the Clapton track “Tears in Heaven”.

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