Yesterday was a nightmare. Something innocuous turning into a panic. We checked the school timetable for the next day. Second lesson was French with the line added ‘bring French dictionary’. I had completely forgotten to buy one. Suddenly my son’s Aspergers starts to kick in, this was not part of the plan. Panic starts to set in. But calmly I assure him that we must have one somewhere in the house. The search commences. Two hours later, no luck, panic now transferred to me. Finally a moth eaten French phrase book is found. That will have to do. This does not calm my son down, a sleepless night and a disrupted start to the school day…..

Mr Mole has been busy in the garden, molehills everywhere. When Mr Mole first struck several months ago, panic set in, clearly the garden was about to be destroyed. However I quickly realised that with just a couple of minutes work the molehills could be ‘repaired’ and as a result no problem exists. Relax.

My son returns from school. We had misread the timetable, French was not until Friday and thanks to Amazon the new dictionary will be here Thursday. So thinking about last night …. what is that phrase about mountains and molehills.

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