When my son was a toddler we took in a couple of unwanted kittens. We thought that they might be an ideal type of pet for our son (plus we were always suckers for sad animal stories). Several years later and yes the cat option has proved very low maintenance. Solitary, hardly ever seen, very quiet …. phrases that come to mind. Most days you are lucky if they grant you a few seconds petting with them. Often the only trace is the trail of white fur that seems to zigzag the house.

However cat and dog have struck up a relationship. When we got the puppy, I was worried about the effect on the cats. I certainly made sure that we choose a puppy from a home which had cats as well. It actually went better than expected. The cats prefers to be with the puppy more than human in our house. Often they can be found sleeping next to each other. Other times just walking round the house together. They seem to be the only thing that can calm the mad puppy down – well for a few minutes anyway.

Well they have now become better relationship counsellors than me.

My son has been struggling to make new friends at school, while the kids he went up with have all found new circles of friends. His Aspergers and Dyslexia in his own words make him different. As a result he is having panic attacks about being the only boy at school without friends. I’ve really struggled to find the words to help. On Friday he was adamant that he wasn’t going back to school…

Last night the cats and dog were sleeping together and my son watched them for quite a while. Then simply said

Well if they can be friends then there might still be hope for someone like me. I’ll give School another go”.

43 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs

  1. Pardon my suggestion, but animals are natural ambassadors, dogs especially. Maybe he can bring the pup to school one day? Should probably clear it with the principal first, of course.

    Once when we were kids, just moved to a new neighborhood, we had a pet rabbit and my sister took it out with her onto the front porch one afternoon. Within a couple of hours she had made friends with several of the neighbor girls her age.

    Hope that’s helpful!

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  2. When I drop my twins off, watch one run off with his friends while the other stands with his backpack, just…the only one not running, the only one without a circle…it’s a struggle not to run out and hug him every morning.

    Thanks for helping me feel less alone in this moment.

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      1. Me, too. And the hardest part is we can’t “fix” it. We just have to keep hoping and praying things get better, and they meet the friend that fits our child. He’s out there. We just need to find him. x

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  3. Aww, your son sounds so sweet. I wonder, with Hallowe’en coming up, whether maybe he could take some home-made spooky baking into school for his class? I guess you’d have to clear all the allergy stuff with the class teacher first, but it might be a nice way of breaking the ice?

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