Switzerland is special. It’s certainly special to us. So many good times. Maybe one day we will go back….

The trip we made to Grindelwald when our son was a toddler is such a vivid memory. Stunning weather. I forgot my cap so had to go shopping for another. Came out of the shop with a shirt, two dinosaur toys and a giant watermelon – but forgot the cap. Went back in and this time came out with a cap and another dinosaur. Beautiful cable car trip into the mountains. Chips and a beer at several thousand feet. Time spent happily relaxing on a stunning train station.

The other vivid memory from that trip was it was the first time we witnessed our son suffering with severe anxiety. We had previously noticed a few quirky personality traits but nothing particularly noteworthy. But on this beautiful day, as people approached he started hiding behind us until they walked well past. It was really warm but he walked around with his hood covering much of his face. Sometimes he would hide behind trees until the ‘coast was clear’. The anxiety was so pronounced that we opted against going with the crowds up to the top of the Jungfraujoch and ventured to a much quieter mountain. He loved the train station (photo above) as it felt as if he had the place to himself. He loved the quiet. He loved looking at all the white blocks lined up in a long neat line. He repeatedly lined up his toys in straight lines. He recited with forensic detail the heights of Switzerlands highest peaks. He constantly asked to have the schedule for the rest of the holiday read out to him.

It was the start of our Aspergers journey.

21 thoughts on “Grindelwald and the start of a journey.

  1. Hard to ‘like’ this per your son’s experience. But it still sounds like a beautiful time.

    I have found going back and revisiting helps. I went back to Edinburgh Castle this August past. Ate Steak Bakes and did a lot of walking. Didn’t get to Edinburgh Zoo but did see my ‘raffes at Blair Drummond Safari Park….It helped me settle things in my mind. I’ve visited other places too. I’d like to do the ‘north shore’ bit we did a month before he died too.

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