This week been another tough one for my son.

  • Still can’t make any progress on making new friends
  • Struggling with the anxiety of being in the school environment with so many others
  • Struggling with the noise
  • Struggling with tying his tie
  • No real help with reading in lessons

He describes it as feeling like being trapped in a really noisy and scary place, with no obvious way out. That sounds like how he felt when we visited a narrow gorge in Switzerland. It was just too much for him but he made his way out. When I mentioned this to him he immediately came back with ” we managed to make our way through the gorge in 30 minutes, unfortunately I’ve got FIVE years to survive at school.

Tonight’s French homework has not really helped. He has to complete a crossword with French answers. He has never been able to get his head round crosswords, never mind one requiring French answers. At least he can see the funny side. Now he says he is Dyslexic in two languages ….

As I was finishing off this piece I read Autism in our Nest latest post which covers the same isolation at school problems. You often think that you are the only family going through this. That’s so wrong. Many, many families are going through this.

30 thoughts on “The Gorge

    1. Oops -I accidentally commented with my main account. I have a son who mostly has ADD/ADHD issues and so many things in life require extra effort.


  1. Oh, I feel your pain. I know I just want my son to feel good about school – making a connection with someone would really help, I think. I like the way your son describes how he is feeling. Really eye opening. Thinking of you.

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  2. Your son sounds brilliant and funny. I have a good friend who has Asperger’s and he is in his 60s. And, roughly, 25 years ago, I dated a guy who was dyslexic. He needed help getting thru high school. He had trouble reading restaurant menus and frequently wrote letters backwards. He managed, tho but, he did need the tutor.

    My Asperger’s friend was raised on a farm just outside of Toronto and HE had a wonderful, understanding dad…just like you. He has talked about not liking loud places, loud people and had difficulty understanding slang-type conversational language. In his younger years, he was very quiet because connections were difficult. One of the first things that made him fall in love with his wife was her voice. He called it music to his ears. He always had a much easier time with cows & nature than standard society.

    You are fighting a good fight…and he will be an amazing man.

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      1. One of my favorite song lyrics is from a Michael Jackson song called “Keep the Faith”, which says, “Straighten out yourself and get your mind on track, Dust off your butt and get your self respect back”. Great advice for life in general.


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