Looking at the deep blue sky this afternoon , completely cloudless.

Hang on, one small solitary cloud. Think it deserves a bit of attention.

The cloud didn’t register with me, I was in the completely cloudless camp. As we walked the mad dog, I proudly proclaimed the cloudless sky. Without stopping my son immediately replied “except for that small one behind us, it’s just above the solitary tree near the hay bale structures”.

His ability to absorb the smallest detail in the immediate environment staggers me. He sees, hears and senses so much more than I ever could hope to. To me, I see this as an amazing gift. To him its frustrating, often he senses too much, it sensory overload. He also struggles to understand why he can pick up the minutiae in his immediate surroundings but struggles to process letters on a page. Nobody yet has managed to explain that one to him yet.

12 thoughts on “One little cloud

  1. I’m happy to have found your blog because of this post. I know those single clouds following you all over a hiking day (here for example: https://hikeminded.blog/2017/05/20/gr-249-gran-senda-de-malaga-fuente-de-piedra-campillos/). My brother is autistic, blind, epileptic and doesn’t speak. In the last years he finally found his happiness and seams to be contented with his life. We don’t really know why, but we can feel and see it. My Dad suddenly passed away in 2013. Since, I divide time in before and after. It felt like I lost a part of my body and had to learn living without it. I totally get much of the things you are saying and wanted to say thank you for it.

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    1. I really thank you for reading my wittering. It’s was all a bit of a haze when I started this blog. I generally can’t remember if it was to try and help others or if it was me trying to fix myself. I really get what you said about “losing part of your body”. The help guides I read tended to say get through the first year or so and you will be fine. As if they thought the body part would we grow. It doesn’t and in reality you just have to learn to live without it.

      I’m pleased your brother has found happiness.

      Take care.

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