So completes another grisly school day. School still not putting any learning support in. The school approach feels a bit like:

He is on the autistic spectrum and he is dyslexic.

He is struggling a bit with our set programme.

We won’t consider alternative approaches.

Let’s find what seem to be the most inappropriate teaching approaches to use with a dyslexic/aspergers child and let’s see what happens when we build them into his school day.

Clearly he is low attainment as he is struggling to read text and his handwriting is quite poor.

But it’s ok because he is really well behaved so he is fine going through the motions in bottom set and he’s not the lowest attaining pupil in the class. Maybe he will make a friend or two during these five years.

I really think Pink Floyd got it right with Another Brick in the Wall.

We dust ourselves down and go again tomorrow. Should be a good one as our son has to do a spelling test. Not sure I would do to well with words like “connotations” and “assimilation “. That will really help his self esteem – not.

One thought keeps nagging away at me. I’m not prepared to let this continue for another 5 years. But what to do? Keep plugging away with this school. Try our luck with another school. Or maybe just maybe home educate.

37 thoughts on “Another Brick in the ….

  1. My heart goes out to you. I have a severely disabled son, now 41 years old, with an IQ of 20, if that gives you an idea of his developmental level. He is unable to self-feed, or dress himself, or attend his own bodily needs. I well remember his early days, and I was so fortunate that he had a special ed teacher who gave her very heart and soul to the kids in her care. Keep looking … the right school and the right teacher are out there somewhere. Big hugs to you and he!

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      1. We once found a British Dyslexia Association branch in Lincolnshire very helpful. Have you contacted this organisation? I would think looking at other school options may give you an idea of how responsive they could be to autism. I hope your situation can be improved


      2. Yes. They offer a dyslexia assessment. Unfortunately as it has to be funded by the parent, schools are not under an obligation to follow its results. Locally schools are tending to ignore them. I haven’t gone down this route as this school had said they would do an assessment. Clearly this is unlikely to happen so I will be contacting the Association shortly to book the private assessment.

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      3. What you say is true. What they did for us was to provide a report convincing the school to accept what they had been unwilling to do. A minimal bit of resource was then allocated and we bought further sessions


  2. I’m so sorry. This is not what you or your son need. Definitely look for other options. This school is trying to make it easy for them and not your son. He needs to be with educators who understand and know how to work with his particular skill sets.
    Good luck 💕

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      1. I agree! And I’m so stressed with just the daily care of my son that I NEED the expertise of another person. I assume they know what they’re doing as educators but they don’t.


      2. The best ‘teacher’ my son has had was a young chap doing his final school placement before he qualified as a teacher . He just understood Aspergers. Crucially he had done a lot of research on autism as part of his training and he had family members who were autistic. He will be a great teacher going forward.

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