Son was at school and I was trying to get some work done at my desk. When the world changed for us, I couldn’t fit my career around the new single parenting regime. So the career was kicked into touch. I was lucky, I managed to find a new job which was a better fit for the new world. Not great money but it just about pays the bills and allows me to be with my son.

Anyway this morning I was trying to catch up with work when the postman knocked at the door. As he handed me a parcel he casually pointed out that “it looks like there are a pair underpants is in the middle of your lawn”. I wonder how many times he’s said that during his rounds this morning. Unfortunately the postman was correct.

In my defence the ‘pants on the grass’ incident is unlikely to be due to my rock and roll lifestyle. More likely the finger of blame should be pointed at one of our four legged friends. It’s not the first time a pair of my pants has got out into the village. Who can forget the time a young mad puppy ran down the street carrying a pair of my pants. He was only stopped and my pants retrieved, when he found a tree in front of the church which was too enticing to ignore.

So this time the pup was the prime suspect. However he seemed preoccupied with his new two pals. So maybe not guilty.

So the next suspect is the boy cat. He has had a record of pinching socks and relocating next doors plants to our garden. However he was happily snuggled up in a sock draw and had been there for some time. So maybe not guilty.

Then we come to the girl cat. She was awake but as soon as I came into the room, she covered her face. Was that to hide her shame. Guilty?

61 thoughts on “Pants

  1. We have no mobile pets currently, so the blame is always on the young humans in our household. Mostly, the underpants are found on the persons, of course, to whom I am usually telling, “You can’t answer the door like that!”

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  2. Once you get into a routine and settled, maybe you can go back to your better paying job……? I didn’t have that choice. I had to work. I have a house to pay for and bills. I got a little over a week off after he died to try and think. They were very good at my work but at some point I had to get back into the game. I didn’t have ‘my’ children at home but I did have an exchange student a few months later that I had to wake up and take care of. I think she took care of me more tho. A blessing she was.

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  3. Ahhhh … they always blame the sweet, innocent girl. πŸ˜‡ I’m voting that it was the resident poltergeist! πŸ‘» Just being mischievous … or perhaps trying to get the sweet, innocent girl in trouble!


  4. Mischevious cat. But, i hoped it made you laugh.

    I hope life settles for you all. I know time heals and I am certain you will all find aways to balance it all. And the right paying job will present itself at the right time.


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