This house is increasingly become a zoo. Two mad cats, bonkers puppy and a hyper active mole. Added to this we have:

  • Farm cows – now best friends with puppy
  • Various garden birds
  • A family of Starlings who live in the roof
  • Two squirrels who bury their nuts in our lawn
  • A badger who digs up the rest of the garden, probably pinching the Squirrels nuts
  • What feels like the worlds population of snails
  • Wasp Nest in the attic (found this week)

Well another creature has joined the party now. More on this soon, but first…

Yesterday started quite well and I was in an ok mood when I finally sat down to do some work. But a few minutes later, mood change, one song, one of my partners favourite songs on the radio. Tears and complete feeling of what has been lost. I couldn’t concentrate on work so decided to do a clothes wash. Then drink some very strong coffee. Still feeling sad.

When the wash finished it was time for the tumble dryer currently living in the garage. I took the wet washing into the garage but the phone rang. I put the washing on the floor to answer the call. After an hour of continued sadness I remembered the discarded washing. Went back into the garage and picked up the washing. A reptilian face appeared from the pile of wet clothes. I of course took this crisis like a hero. Screamed, dropped the clothing and ran. ‘Oh my god it’s a snake’ and it could be a big one.

After a few minutes I calmed down a bit. Don’t be daft, this is Yorkshire in autumn, I must have just imagined it. Carefully I went back into the garage. As I moved closer, definite movement in the clothes. Another scream and legged it again. I am petrified of snakes.

In all the panic I had lost track of time. The front door opened and in walked our son from school. He looked on rather dubiously as I told him about the man eating snake in the garage. He convinced me to face up to my fears and confront the beast. Together we carefully went back into the garage. The washing moved again and I legged it again – completely forgetting my son. I ran back into the garage with the nearest weapon I could find, the floor brush. In the garage I found our son laughing his head off.

“Dad you complete muppet. Have a look at your killer snake”

Ok the monster snake in fact did look a lot like a frog, a rather small one at that. So now we have another member of the zoo. This new member has been named “Viper the Frog” by our thoroughly understanding son. Is there no end to my shame.

But thank you Mr Viper, you made me forget all about the sadness, at least for a few hours anyway.

49 thoughts on “It feels like a zoo

  1. I read your posts to my partner in the evenings. We laugh and cry.
    We lost our only child. We still have each other. We laugh and cry.
    Our pets cause havoc and chaos too. Mostly we just laugh.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. ❤

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  2. Omg! I hope the viper slithered away… Oops, I mean jumped away. 😉 Two of your pets are partners in crime, I hope they don’t influence the other ‘pets’ at home. 😉 Btw, I like your sense of humour. 😀


  3. Oh. My. Lord… I was completely doubled over in laughter, unable to see. 🤣

    That was great. I REALLY lost it when your son called you a muppet.

    I so love your posts. I am so sorry for loss & your struggles. I must apologize, however, for enjoying your chaos?

    You were wondering some time back about your blog. This is becoming a chronicle, not only for your wellbeing but, for the enjoyment & appreciation for your audience. And, some of us are 1000s of miles away…


    1. Thank you so much for reading these posts. It’s not the first time he’s called me a muppet. When he was about 5 we had to have our photos taken for a season pass at a fun park. I told a really bad joke to the bloke taking the photo, complete silence only broken by our son saying “ that’s my dad he’s a muppet”.

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  4. greetings, i spent the last half hour reading your posts and must say how much I enjoyed your writing, it’s witty, and full of everyday amazing stories. continue writing though you feel the blog is confused it sounds perfectly focused on living life one difficult day at a time with no pretensions. i wish you lots of peace and strength on your journey.


      1. it was a pleasure. i am at different end of the spectrum I suppose from where you are. i am a single parent from divorce and lost my elder son in a very tragic accident. but we are all sort of unified in our grief aren’t we? so you words bring lot of healing to those who read and share some form of grief too. be blessed.


  5. 🤣🤣🤣 Your story has given me the best laugh I’ve had all day!!! Thank you!!!

    Oh … and the title of your post … “It feels like a zoo”? It IS a zoo with all those critters, but what a delightful one!


  6. 😀 Ha ha ha ha! (This is only funny because I happen to not be afraid of reptiles. If it were a small, ‘harmless’ honey bee, I’d not laugh at all.)


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