Red sky at night, fisherman’s delight. Red sky in the morning, fisherman’s warning. Does it work with parents rather than fishermen? Is it a warning of things to come for parents?

Over the years we have worked on trying to have an organised, completely mapped out morning. Aspergers and disruption don’t mix well with him. One thing out of schedule and it completely throws our son. It usually messes up his whole day. This morning was running perfectly, everything going to plan. He made it outside and waited for the school bus. We are lucky the school bus drives past our house then does a u-turn down the road. This allows our son the time to calmly walk from our house to the bus stop and catch the bus.

Red sky in morning, parents warning. Today the bus for some reason decided to arrive from the other direction, so it didn’t need to do a u-turn. Complete panic as our son had to sprint to catch the bus. May seem like a minor change but to someone with Aspergers ….. massive. As the bus drove slowly by, I could see our son clearly upset. Nothing I can do except let school know. I suspect they won’t check on him. It’s times like this that I hate being a parent. I feel completely helpless, that nagging thought – surely I should be doing something else to help him.

But sometimes things happen which are out of your control and you just have to let them play out. Just hope that he is ok.

I think that I might try something different today. I might pick him up from school. It’s another change to schedule but hopefully a positive one this time. Take him to the woods to search for some Horse Chestnut Tree seeds. He loves playing “conkers” with the seeds. Maybe it will show him that some unplanned changes can be good. Let’s hope anyway.

30 thoughts on “Red sky

  1. “Believe in me, and I can succeed.” These are the words that an eighteen-year-old with autism shared with me once, and I have not forgotten. It helped me in parenting my own children. I would add, believe in yourself too.

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  2. The worst thing a parent has to do, sometimes, is let the kid fall. And, changing up a comfortable schedule with some positive differences might ease the jangled nerves.

    Repetition does breed comfort. I guess, in a crazy world, you are his constant even if everything around him is not.

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  3. I hope that everything has worked out well today! From my point of view, it is so important to keep up positivity in everything you do, for these children are so sensitive. (You know the best that, for you are his parent).
    Love from the bottom of my heart for you and yours! ❤


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