Listening to David Bowie on the car stereo while driving into the local city. One hour earlier a conversation with the school convinces me that the they are not going to do any work on his Dyslexia. So it’s a hastily arranged meeting with the university to find out what testing and support they can offer. ‘Heroes’ blasts out from the speakers. Then I drive past a house. Not any old house, it’s a house that the two of us looked at 18 years ago. Suddenly I’m taken back to a different world. One which is full of dreams and hopes. Hopes of starting a family, maybe 3 kids. Dreams of spending a life together with the my sole mate. The most honest, calming, reassuring person I had ever met. Someone whose intrinsic goodness was the perfect anchor for my turbulent life. A world which was both exciting and happy.

Then suddenly I’m back in the real world. A chap who looks at least 90 swings his motorised wheelchair off the path and into the road. I brake as does the bus on the other side of the road. As the old chap drives serenely across the road he majestically flicks a v-sign to me and a middle finger to the bus. And with one surprisingly quick flick of the hand my underlying faith in human nature is restored…

42 thoughts on “Human Nature

      1. No we didn’t hit him, how we didn’t is a mystery 🙂 He had headphones on and he didn’t even look up. But worse, tonight a car pulled out straight in front of us, we had to brake, ending side on, he again didn’t make eye contract……but he must have had ear contract, as my husband hit the horn quite hard… seems to be happening quite a lot now 😦


      1. I just saw the fruit flying, and the fruit juice. I was on the other side of the street and down a bit. 😀


      1. I totally agree,sometimes I listen at the same song over and over just for that feeling and some others I can even stand the sound of some because is far too much emotional.
        Have a great day.
        I m struggling with time to browse around wp lately,but I really enjoy your posts.keep it up😀

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