It was a stunning sunset last night. I’m not sure this photograph does it justice. As we sat on the grass and watched it my mind wandered. My partner would have loved this. She loved a good sunset. Since she left us every spectacular sunset takes me to a really sad and lonely place. I felt the cold pangs of sadness start to take hold. My son’s mind was clearly somewhere else.

Dad where is the sun

Slightly puzzled I replied that it was just behind those houses.

Can we officially say that the last sun rays have gone now”

Now completely shaken from my sad thoughts and wondering where this was going, I said probably.

Do you think Dracula would have liked a good sunset

Slightly lost for words, all I could splutter out was what do you think.

I think he would have liked a good sunset but a good sunrise would have scared the pants off him. Dad do you think Dracula ever washed his pants” and with that said he stood up and went inside.

So now I eagerly wait another sunset. Will my mind again wander to a sad lonely place or will it from now on take me to Transylvania and thoughts of Dracula’s pants.

54 thoughts on “Sunset thoughts

  1. If you wonder too much about Dracula’s pants, I’ll worry about you. Enjoy the beauty. Smile at her memory and how she loved sunsets. It took me two years to enjoy going to a car show again and look at the beautiful restorations of our history and not cry thinking “Damn, Nick would have LOVED this one!” Now I smile and think….’he would have loved this…..’

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  2. Memories cannot be done away with. But with time you’d sit watching a sunset and the vivid hues will remind you of the good times that were spent gazing at the sunset and then there’ll be your soon filling you with details of Dracula’s adventures and many more. 😊

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  3. Pictures rarely capture what the human eye sees. It was beautiful, anyway.

    I actually followed your son’s train of thought regarding Dracula. I would imagine Old Drac would have looked at a sunset with glee. “Time to arise…” I would also imagine that Old Drac would not be happy about a sunrise. That being said, my following thoughts on Dracula’s pants went in another direction…and, yes, he needed to wash them after a sunrise surprise. Heh.

    And, thanks for sharing that…

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  4. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to your blog (heartbreaking stories of grief? Lots of tears shed, perhaps?), but what you have created here is nothing short of beautiful. You write so well—honest and real—and this was a sweet glimpse into a child’s mind. Thank you for visiting my blog because if you hadn’t, I would not have come to yours. I look forward to reading about your journey of healing and family, and I hope you are able to find a warm community either here on WordPress or out of cyberspace or both to help you and your son through this time.

    P.S. I don’t see why Dracula wouldn’t wash his pants. He may be a vampire, but he’s no barbarian!

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