One moment it felt almost like summer (well at least a Yorkshire summer) and then a few dark clouds role in…. suddenly it seems like winter is starting. Sudden mood change.

It is quite apt because it is very similar to how Aspergers can impact. This morning everything was going to plan. He was happy and smiling while playing with the mad dog in the garden. Communicating with each other in what seems like their own secret language. Happy days. Parenting is easy.

Then the clouds roll in. The next door neighbour have some visitors. Some strangers are across the hedge. It’s times like this that the hedge is just not big enough. (Note to self, do even less gardening). Not part of the plan. A few minutes later we are camped in a bedroom, with the curtains closed. It’s like our very own safe room. The smiles are gone, anxiety is king. Did I say parenting was easy.

But this time thankfully just like the snow, the anxiety melted. The strange voices are gone. The dog desperately trying to lick some smiles out of a sad face. The world is getting safer again. We return to smiles and a hyper active dog. Now let’s find those hedge cutters and build a bonfire around them.

52 thoughts on “It starts

      1. Heh. That’s marvelous!

        As insane as things have become here in the states, shooting someone with a water pistol would probably result in charges for a hate crime & assault with a deadly weapon. Or, your own death by police.

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      1. Interesting that rock music (sometimes) soothes him. I dare say as he gets older he will develop tastes for other things as well. Still, as you know, sometimes you just have to ride anxiety out.
        He seems to be aware of what bothers him, though, so it is good that he can articulate his reactions.

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      2. It’s trying to give him as many strategies as possible which he can try to use going forward. He’s becoming more aware of what bothers him, becoming more aware of the implications of Aspergers. The Rock music helps as he says it helps blocks out all the sensory overload he gets.


    1. Sorry for my clumsy fingers . I was trying to say that I still struggle to understand what it’s like to live with autism/Aspergers. My son put it so well once, he said it would be so much easier if he lived on planet Aspergers rather than earth. He said it feels like he is constantly trying to adjust to this alien world called earth. Thank you for reading this.


      1. The right answer has to match the right person. However it is for you, is how it is meant to be, There is always pain involved, at least there was for me-and for any other spouse-in-mourning, whom I have known. We stumble, we get up and we learn to walk all over again. For many of us, it has happened several times.

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