My son had a dream last night. A vivid one. He asked if I would help him put it into words. All I will say is that he’s happily playing with some of his toys. We had a good talk about the dream and its implications. Like all of us we have good and bad dreams. But the dreams we have provide a gateway into our life’s, our hopes our fears. One day soon I will blog one of his hope dreams. But this one is about his fears and clearly he doesn’t want to go back to school on Monday.

A dark cold world. Where permanent winter rules. Snow topped mountains and desolate arctic tundra. People live together in walled towns. Behind the walls warmth and laughter. But not all people are allowed to live within the walls. Only those who fit, only those lucky ones are welcome. For the likes of me, the different, the strange ones, the disabled ones … we are not welcome. We live in the shadows with the creatures of the night and nobody misses us. Alone in the wilderness our punishment for daring to be different.

35 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t comment earlier – I didn’t know what to say. I just really feel for your son. I read how he feels in his waking hours and to think it affects him in his dreams as well – wow.

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    1. Thank you. I must admit it hit me. You sort of imagine your son would have Pokemon or Avengers or Football or fluffy baby animal dreams. When he comes out with these you just feel like you’ve let him down somehow. I just hope his next dream is one of his funny animal dreams. Even then, when I decoded them they often were about differences – but these are positive and nice. Thank you for reading this.

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  2. It’s hard to even read the description of the dream. It must have been hard to experience it in the dream. It’s so good he was able to communicate the essence of it to you.

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  3. Now that’s one dream! I wish I could interpret in a way that was truly optimistic. May be in it really is not a punishment. May be the creatures of the night are guiding us through the dark night into the light of the day.

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      1. I am glad for that. Dreams are often thoughts, conscious and subconscious, that run through our heads, an undercurrent of emotions. I do hope and pray there are happier thoughts, ergo pleasanter dreams. 🙂

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