Thank you so much to Jessy B, DaisyMae, Optimistsaya for Sunshine Blogger Award nominations.

The Rules For Sunshine Blogger Award

• Thank to the person that nominated you.

• Link the post back to them.

• Display the picture on your post.

• Answer their questions.

• Nominate 10 bloggers.

• Provide 11 questions for your nominees.

Jessy B questions

1. What prompted you to start writing?

Basically I was in a complete mess after my partner died. I wasn’t thinking straight at all. I can’t remember if I started the blog to try and help other people in my situation or if it was just an attempt to fix myself.

2. How has your blog changed you as a person?

Reading and conversing with other bloggers has given me a different take on the world and renewed hope for the challenges still to come.

3. Assuming you read books, name that one book which you often quote from.

Looking back the one thing I’ve quoted most isn’t a book but it’s the cartoon Spongebob. Says it all really. Spongebob has a book so he counts.

4. Name that one writer whose works you keep going back to read.

Three writers come to mind. Carl Sagan, Tolkien and Terry Pratchett.

5. Assuming you listen to music, what is that one song that you feel was written for you.

The song GONE AWAY, originally by the Offspring but more recently by Five Finger Death Punch. It gets to me every time. Its a beautiful song about loss. It’s not as hard core as the band name makes it sound.

6. Assuming yet again that you watch movies, name that one movie that made you rethink the way you lived your life.

Jaws – stopped me going anywhere near the sea. Can’t swim because of that movie.

7. Who is that one person you love so much that you hate yourself for it? (in other words that one person you cannot imagine life without?

Our son. At one stage I Could never imagine living without my partner…….

8. What is your worst fear?

Not being there for our son

9. What motivates you to wake up each day?

Our son

10. Given a choice, would you hike up a mountain or go diving in the ocean?

Mountain mountain mountain 🏔 🏔 🏔 – can’t swim

11. Happiness or Contentment? Why?

Happiness. I swing between happiness and sadness. I’m not consistent enough for contentment.

DaisyMae questions

  • 1. Do you believe in true love?
  • Yes. Looking back I experienced it with my partner. But you often don’t fully realise that until it is gone. I now do and I still feel true love for her.
  • 2. Summer or Winter
  • It depends if we get proper seasons each with different characters. Recently all our seasons have merged into each other. But if it’s cold, dry and with snow – then it’s winter for me.
  • 3. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
  • To Everest basecamp, always wanted to see that mountain.
  • 4. Have you ever sat in your car and cried for no reason other than being sad?
  • After I picked up my partners ashes. I carefully placed the urn in the front seat. Put the seat belt across the urn and just sat and cried for 2 hours.
  • I remember a few years back driving with our son just after new year. We drove past a house with a Christmas Tree dumped in a skip. My son burst into tears when he saw it. That set me off as well
  • 5. Science Fiction or Fantasy?
  • Science Fiction
  • 6. If you could be any fantasy character what type would you be?
  • My son tells me I am the living Homer Simpson. Secretly I would love to be a hero. Possibly an Aragorn or Sherlock Holmes or even better Captain Kirk.
  • 7. If you discovered the secret to slowing down the aging process would you use it?
  • A few years ago I would have. Now I think I’m too far gone to make it worthwhile.
  • 8. Walking through the forest you come upon a large tree with a door in it, do you open the door?
  • Yes. Maybe I might find all the socks and pants I have lost since we have had the mad pets.
  • 9. If you opened the door in the above question what did you find?
  • Hopefully my socks and pants.
  • 10. If you did not open the door in question 8 why not?
  • Don’t tell anybody but I am a coward.
  • 11. Favorite all time Halloween costume.
  • I once dressed up as a werewolf. Thought it was fantastic. But everyone kept asking what the Easter Bunny had to do with Halloween. Luckily the year after the brilliant animated films, Wallace and Gromit introduced the were-rabbit and my costume could be happily used at Halloween.
  • Optimistsaya questions
  • 1. What is your goal in life?

    Now it’s just to give our son the best possible childhood. Nothing else matters.

    2. Who is the person you love the most?


    3. How do you think you will contribute to society via your blog?

    Just hope it helps one person in understanding that they are not alone in these struggles. Also hopefully it will also show that as bad as you think you are at parenting there is always one person worse.

    The one thing this blog definitely shows is that if you look at all the comments people have been so kind to leave – that this world luckily does have so many nice, funny and clever people still.

    4. What is weirdest nightmare you have seen till now?

    When I was a toddler my older brother had a punch ball with a famous old boxers face on it. For about a month I had nightmares that the punch bag had come back to life and was inches away from my face with a snarling smile. Thankfully one night the punchbag disappeared thanks to our dad. The sting in the tail now is that if we had kept the punchbag it would now be worth an awful lot of money.

    5. Who is your favorite author?

    Haven’t got one favourite author but would list Tolkien, Carl Sagan an Terry Pratchett on the list. At the my new favourite is Jean Lee, just started reading some new short stories and her new novel. It is just magical and my son loves it too.

    6.What do you think about concept of God?

    I have always tried to keep my personal beliefs private. My dad always said that you should not shout about 3 things – religion, your politics and who much tax you owe.

    7 What is the most powerful thing in this world? Money or time?

    Time. Time will allow you to get more money but money ultimately can’t buy you time.

    8.Which is your favourite cuisine?

    Anything I don’t have to cook.

    9. Which great persona you would like to meet if you got an opportunity to meet?

    I would have loved to have met and just listened to Carl Sagan.

    10. Which is your favourite city?


    11. Do you wish to see the world through my optimistic eyeglasses? (Yes/no).


  • I always find nominations are a nightmare. Too many fantastic blogs. Also not all bloggers want nominations. So I’m not going to list any nominations…yet
  • I know there are a load of fantastic bloggers (so much better than my rubbish attempts) who are struggling to get the number of followers they deserve. So if you think that applies to you then put your details in the comments and I will include you in the nominations list.
  • 34 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award pt2

      1. I was only on stage once. Played a Roman centurion in the end of year college play. Only had to stand on a box and shout hail Caesar. I got too excited managed to scream a Haiiiiiiiii as I fell off the back of the chair and ripped part of the back curtain down. End of my thespian career.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Eh. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to be entertaining. Storytelling is enough, like Andy Griffith or Bill Cosby (before we found out he was a sex freak, he was funny).

          You’re not a muppet. You’re a balance-challenged Italian cop. 😁

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Congrats! I love reading your posts. I would love more followers but I’m just starting out so I do believe I have to work at my blog before expecting too much! I started for my own benefit as I just feel the need to get my thoughts out there so whatever comes of it is an added bonus. Keep blogging!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh I’m doing pretty well then! 🙈😂 My views increase each day. People like reality and this is what I’m trying to base my blog on, the reality. Never put yourself down, you’re real. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do but you’re nailing it!

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Hahaha! Oh I love that boy! Sounds like he’s got a great sense of humour! I love cooking, trying to cook from scratch all of the time but it does take up a lot of time! It is nice though when I see clean plates and little voices asking for more when I’ve cooked it from scratch

          Liked by 2 people

    2. Spongebob does have a lot of good useful and motivating quotes. I often refer to him when I am wondering when is the best time to wear a striped sweater 🙂 I started blogging for the same reason and ended at the same place – connected with a lot of fantastic bloggers out to support one another.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you. When I read blogs like yours I learn so much. Just shows what a bunkered life I have lived previously. My son has asked that if he graduates from university that he wants me to make an entrance like Patrick did (including flying in via zip cord and flag) when Spongebob thought he was going to be made manager.

        Liked by 1 person

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