A lot of Autistic people find change and unplanned things really unsettling. At our son’s last school they realised this. They were really good at establishing a routine then sticking to it. Unfortunately his current school are the opposite. Change change change followed by unplanned events. Today I had to go and pick up him up – he was really upset after a series of unplanned activities.

The one thing that has always been guaranteed to settle him down was going for a car drive in the country while listening to rock music. So off we set into the country. However the car stereo now decided to play up. No radio reception and refusing to recognise any of my mp3 albums. For 5 minutes it unsuccessfully scanned tracks then suddenly success. Unfortunately the one album it would play was a million miles from rock.

On our last family holiday to Switzerland I had a mad moment and decided to buy some Swiss music. Trauffer and his band just sound like Switzerland. A quirky mix of pop, folk, alpine and yodelling. Trauffer also manages a famous family wooden toy company – I think a lot of the toy cows you see in Swiss shops are his. It just shouldn’t work but just like Toblerone (a chocolate which is designed to spear the top of your mouth every time you try to bite into it) it works brilliantly.


For the first few moments our son sat there a mixture of disbelief and horror on his face. But 30 minutes later an amazing thing happened. He was tapping his hands, trying to yodel (badly) and laughing (a lot). Often change and unplanned stuff causes anxiety and distress. But sometimes unplanned stuff can be good and rewarding. AND MOST CERTAINLY yodelling was not in the original plans today.

48 thoughts on “Trauffer

  1. So sweet. My son is the very same way, he has autism and routine is his best friend. And what you say, he will remember, if you change your mind, you need to let him know. He also has speech delay. He is suppose to have a new speech pathologist each school year, but seeing how he doesn’t adjust well to change – the school team, we all decided the same person would be with him through out his elementary school years. It’s the little things that make a big difference in the lives of our children.
    I’m so glad he felt better, it’s always such a sigh of relief seeing them come alive again. 😊🙏🏽

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      1. Yes, it definitely does. I understand. I mean they go through the year trying to establish trust only to change at the end of the year. Having a new teacher is bad enough, let alone change their therapists.
        Ugh! It’s always something. I also recently had to stop seeing my therapist because they cut her off my insurance network. These insurance companies inconsiderate! They don’t see what damage they do to the patient.

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      2. I agree. And that’s terrible! I’d go back to his doctor and let them know that you need documentation stating your son needs more stability at school, that so much change is doing him more harm than good. And then go back to the school with it and insist on doing what the doctor is recommending.
        It’s so sad! I’ve been there! It’s work, it’s tiring and it’s annoying. But our sons deserve to have us be their voice. We can’t give up. Having 10 teacher is terrible! My son has 4, 1 of which we insisted stay with him until the 5th grade, which is when he would finish elementary school. He’s currently in the 3rd grade and 8 years old. About two years ago at his annual meeting, they wanted to tell us he can do without the speech therapy, I told them absolutely NOT, my 4 years old speech is better than his! His pronunciation still needs work! There’s reality and then there’s not. Let’s stay on track!

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  2. I have an autistic son so I know what you mean! The good news is, he’s 15 now & can cope much better with change. He’ll go quiet for a while, sort out new plans in his head, ask any relevant questions then gets on with it. Obviously we still can’t spring things on him but life is definitely easier.
    I’m glad you found something that worked!

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  3. Who can resist a chance to yodel!!
    My daughter isn’t autistic but she is having great difficulty adjusting to high school. Unfortunately, I doubt yodelling will cheer her up, although I might share your story to distract her.

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