Came across a photograph taken probably 5 years ago. Oh how the world seemed so different then. Every Sunday in Switzerland we had the same ritual. We would take the first boat across Lake Thun to Interlaken. We would immediately head for this hotel and drink hot chocolate outside – regardless of the weather.

I also vividly recall sitting here when one morning my son’s different take on the world (to myself) became clear. I noticed sports cars driving past. I remember saying something like

“that’s a Ferrari and that’s a Porsche and wow that’s a Maserati.” Don’t get many of those in Yorkshire.

I remember turning to my partner who said without raising a glance “that’s nice” as she continued to scan the food menu.

Looking at our son he was excitedly flapping his hands. Not at the cars but at a bird flying above us.

“It’s a vulture.” Don’t get any of those in Yorkshire.

Now that my son has educated me. I realise which view is more stunning. Which view should be treasured. Now I would say “Wow that’s a stunning big bird, son what is it and I wish those noisy dirty cars would sod off”.

50 thoughts on “Different takes on the world.

  1. I’ve never been to that country, but I love how kids see the wonder at what they’re passionate about–like with my sons, this situation would be totally reversed. I’d be the one trying to get their attention on the vulture, while Biff would be hopping up and down at the sight of all the cool cars. 🙂

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      1. I think the trick is to allow ourselves a lot of silliness and monkeying around, never mind what the neighbours or others think as long as we’re not bothering them.
        The Rain Footie you enjoyed with your son is surely a step in the right direction😀😀


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