11.30pm – Finally lights out in son’s bedroom. Normally that would induce a mad scramble for my bed. But tonight I just don’t feel sleepy. Very tired yes, but frustratingly sleepy no.

12.05am – Attempt to sleep

12.40am – No sleep, no dreams. Still so tired. Bed abandoned.

12.50am – In my tired state starting to fill up with sadness. Suddenly feel very lonely.

1.10am – Only going to get more depressed if I don’t do something. My eyes glance over to the DVDs. Decision made. It’s time to watch kiddies stuff.

1.15am – Peppa Pig. Please tell me I’m not turning into a Daddy Pig.

1.30am – Ben and Holly. Found a new game – try and identify the voice actors from Peppa Pig featuring in Ben and Holly.

1.50am – Teletubbies. Annoyingly their tummy tellies are bigger than our TV.

2.10am – In The Night Garden. Scarily I remembered every single character name. Decided I want to live there.

2.30am – Hectors House. Now this is a really old one. My favourite as a kid. I’m not sure a dog walking round with a gun shouting “it’s a hunting gun” would sit well with modern TV Executives.

3.00am – Banana Splits. Can’t believe I’m laughing my head off at a letter box which is refusing to let one of the gang have a letter. Also can’t believe I haven’t woke my son up when I shouted “size of an elephant” (that won’t make any sense to you if you have never watched this)

3.30am Inspector Gadget. Why is Inspector Gadget not one of the Avengers? Thankfully this is the cartoon and not the action movie – what were they thinking of.

4.00am Paddington Bear. Made myself a marmalade sandwich to enhance the viewing experience – decided marmalade doesn’t taste great at this time of day.

4.25am Clangers. In my zonked out state I unbelievably can understand Clangers Speak.

4.40 Now I’m completely and utterly gone. As they say in kiddies tv land – time for bed…

69 thoughts on “No dreams

  1. Oh a marmalade sandwich please. I had a similar night lately. The loneliness just crept in, compounded by me reading things I should have just stayed away from. So I watched my favourite bedtime series…Vikings! Went to bed half an hour before the alarm rang. 🙄

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  2. All-nighter, huh? 😆 Been there. I usually end up reading. But, I have, in the past, watched South Park reruns and old Superfriends, if I could find them.

    A marmalade sandwich @ 4am? I’d have to pass. I’ve never heard of The Clangers but, if you have to be punch-drunk to understand them, you have my attention. 🤨

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      1. The first few times I saw it, when my granddaughter (now 24) was little, I thought it was ridiculous. But, as things sometimes do, it grew on me and I came to love it! Check it out sometime … it is silly, but fun.

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      1. ….no…and I don’t like taking drugs to do it but I have to drive 26 miles to work and I can’t be falling asleep at the wheel.

        It’s gotten better over the last 2 1/2 years but still….I’d rather be snuggling up to his nice warm body than settling for my hand on the dog’s side. *sigh*

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      1. I know he didn’t really come into America until Spirited Away, which won the Oscar for best foreign film in…2001? something like that. But he’d been animating long before that, I believe. It’s only in the recent years that A-list celebs have been doing the English dubbing for his films because Disney/Pixar struck a deal for distribution? Something like that.

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  3. I so remember those nights. I’m so glad they have become infrequent during this last year or so. I had no idea you could get the Banana Splits on DVD. I still have my membership card. I’ll have to look for them on Amazon.

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