As part of the morning pre school ritual I have to provide our son with a detailed itemised plan for my day. Yesterday’s included pruning the apple tree.

Dad I don’t want you to do that as you might hurt yourself”

I assured him that I was a ‘professional’ (ha ha) and nothing would go wrong.

Tree pruning started well until I realised that at some stage I would have to tackle the top. Carefully I assessed where to establish base camp then just opted for a full frontal assault.

Three minutes later the tree has scored a technical KO. A branch (thankfully so small it was almost a twig) decided to spear me in the corner of the eye. A little bit of blood and I set off to the accident department. Why do we always tempt fate.

On examination it was luckily diagnosed as a small cut and would be ok in a few days. The nurse went off to get some antibiotic cream. One minute later another doctor came in and gave me a rather quizzical look.

Are you the patient due to go for an enema.”

A nervous shake of the head and a realisation that actually a sore eye is not too bad really…..

38 thoughts on “Technical KO

  1. I didn’t know what an “enema” was until reading this. So I looked it up. When I saw what is was was I started laughing hysterically. Thank you for making my day!


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