I remember listening to a radio programme where a so called autism expert argued that autistic children (no stereotyping there then) struggled to feel emotions for other people or things. As a result they would mostly appear cold and have little empathy.

This morning our son looked up at a rainbow and looked really sad. He just stood and looked and looked. After a couple of minutes a second rainbow began to appear and our son smiled.

“Even a rainbow should not be alone and now he’s got a friend”.

No more words needed.

76 thoughts on “Two rainbows

      1. I remember in middle school there was this one kid in my gifted class who hated me and said it was because nothing ever got to me, that he could call me anything and I never responded. Outwardly, it might have seemed that way, but I felt it cut like a knife inside, I just didn’t know how to express myself. I tended to have selective mutism in situations like that too which made it seem more like I didn’t care when I certainly did.

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  1. I have photos of the beginning of the rainbow in the field east of my house and the other end in the field south of my house. It was AMAZING. I also have photos somewhere of a triple rainbow over my house. I need to dig in those FIELDS!!!

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  2. It’s starting to b understood a little better now that if anything, people on the spectrum feel emotions more intensely! The problem can sometimes lie with not knowing how or what to do with those feelings, ie., feeling awkward to offer condolences.

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  3. reading this wonderful piece again made me think of a student I taught in year nine who may have been autistic. I have written a post about her and will put it up in a few days. It will be called ‘The Girl Who Loved Rain’. Amazing that I still remember her name . IT was over 30 years ago 🙂

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