At the start of summer I took our son to his first ever concert. It was something he was desperate to do but it was a bit of a leap of faith. Quite a lot of the rock concert experience involves stuff which can really unsettle him.

  • The noise
  • The flashing lights
  • The crowd
  • The unpredictable nature

That leap of faith was taken. Quickly he found a way of dealing with the crowd and the unpredictability. He would go to his seat, cover his head with his hood and concentrate fully on playing some games on my phone. He was so pleased that no one seemed to focus on this. But as soon as the lights went out the hood came down and he just soaked up the noise, the lights, the experience. He loved it.

So far he has seen the Hollywood Vampires, the Darkness, the Damned, Killswitch Engage and Iron Maiden.

The bank manager is getting really annoyed at me as next year (so far) it will be Thunder, Ozzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Status Quo and Kiss.

The Hollywood Vampires focused on celebrating the rock stars who we have died. Our son really appreciated this as it showed him that it was ok to celebrate people who we have sadly lost. One of the lost was Keith Moon. Fast forward several months and we were watching a video of the Who playing live. At the end of the concert our son mentioned that he was convinced that the drummer Keith Moon was in the team. That’s his way of saying that someone is autistic. It had never crossed my mind. When we did a google search we came across Roger Daltrey talking about Keith.

“I think he was possibly autistic maybe even with a touch of aspergers”

Again this just reinforces the importance of rock to him. He said it shows that members of the team can do something (rock) brilliantly.

28 thoughts on “Keith Moon

  1. I had an ex that was a serious Who fan. He noted that Moon was such a brilliant drummer that he could double & triple beats in a blinding fashion. He actually saw him live a couple of times and said his arms were a complete blur sometimes.

    I imagine that it would have been very hard to be autistic in his time. It wasn’t well understood then. They probably thought him mad.

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  2. I took my son to his first concert last year (age 9). He had to bring his noise-canceling headphones, but eventually took them off as he got more comfortable. It was a special thing, taking him to see my favorite band growing up. I hope y’all enjoy your shows planned for next year!

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    1. It doesn’t really matter after the first 10 seconds. You might as well play a trumpet in my ear for the next week, can’t hear a thing. I remember Alice Cooper saying that on a flight he talked to Iggy Pop for ages with out getting a response. He thought Iggy had fallen out with him until his wife informed him that Iggy was completely deaf in that ear.

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      1. That’s going to be me before too long. So much screaming from the boys in my ears during the first few years that I just can’t hear my kids when they’re quiet, especially poor Blondie–I have to walk right up to her sometimes so she can talk into my ear.

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