We have a top 50 list of animals in our house. It is a close battle for positions 3 to 50. But the top 2 are so far clear and both creatures have always been so close to our son’s heart.

Above is our son’s second favourite creature on the planet. I present to you the Harris Hawk. The smile on our son’s face when he got to hold the Hawk. I just wish his mum was there to see it. The handler started a pre handling safety checklist. The first question was to ask our son if he knew anything about the bird. Five minutes later. The handler said ‘remarkable’ and just handed the glove to our son and said “here’s the bird, you know more than I do, I’ll come back in 10 minutes.” For 10 minutes the bird of prey and our son just gazed into each other’s eyes. The bird never moved once.

We watched the next person handle the bird. The bird never stayed still flapping his wings and trying to peck. Completely different to his nature a few minutes ago. I just hope his dream of having a falconry comes true.

63 thoughts on “Mr Hawk

      1. I love how you always refer to your son as, “our son.”
        And I too would wish his mother was there to see it. But I know she was there and saw it.

        Sending you both all the blessings.

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  1. Oh, my, YES. I have the same deep love & awe for birds of prey. I came face to face with a huge, female Golden Eagle over 30 years ago. She was a federally registered pet if a Native American man that owned a shop in downtown Raleigh. The majesty of this bird was breathtaking.

    I have a particular soft spot for owls.

    I’d bet that Donald & hawk had a lovely conversation.

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  2. Non-human species sense things. They sense compassion, caring. Quiet. Stillness. These are the signs of bonding. Humans clutter their lives, their psyches, with far too much materialistic detritus. Pure is the heart of one who can look into the eyes of a hawk, a deer, a cat or a mongoose, and all of a sudden, both go still, communicating on a different plane.

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      1. I don’t much fit in with modern society either … I put substance over style, value things like kindness, compassion and sharing more than I value money, fine clothes or a new car. I commune much better with animals than I do many humans. But it’s all good, for I am comfortable in my own skin, and to me that is the important thing.

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