Rain rain and more rain. It’s that wet I’m waiting for Aquaman to pay us a visit. Having said that it’s that wet here that he would probably catch a cold. I wouldn’t want that to happen.


I wonder if our son is a future lawyer in the making.

“Dad did school check to see how I was?”


“Don’t you think they should have asked?”

Well I did phone the school absence helpline to tell them you were off.

“What did you tell them?”

Its an answer phone. You only get a few seconds, just said your name and you would be off till at least the end of term

“But they didn’t phone you back?”


“But I tripped over a hole in the path at school. Lots of holes have been there since I started at that school. Doesn’t that make it the schools fault. If something is your fault then shouldn’t you check to see how things are. See what they can do. Ask how it happened. Fix things so they don’t happen again. Check on those hurt when you are supposed to be looking after them”


When I was his age all I could have managed would have been

Ow my finger hurts” and

” Is it time for ScoobyDoo yet”


This type of thing fills me with so much hope. We have so many special and unique kids. So much untapped potential. If we allow them to they can change the world for the better. But it also troubles me as a parent. Is my son growing up too quickly. Is he learning about the real world too soon. Short circuiting his childhood. Becoming an adult too soon. I don’t know what the answer is. I should ask our son – he understands the world better than I ever did. Even though he is often so at odds with it.

Basically after all these years, all the miles I have done, I still feel so much more comfortable in the ScoobyDoo world than ours.

50 thoughts on “Duty of Care

      1. I’ve noticed that my daughter is much more mature than I was at her age – she blames me for the loss of her childhood because of hanging out with me and my friends when she was younger…. She still has to sleep with rabbit, though, including when we go to Granny and Grandad’s or on holiday.

        For most of history, children had much less of a childhood than they do now, so perhaps it’s actually normal really. And I needed to be as certain as I could that my daughter would be able to look after herself if she lost me too s

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  1. He sounds a smart kid.
    You’re right though, they are growing up faster than their years, and finding a balance is difficult. It’s hard to judge a child’s age these days, not just from their appearance, but their attitude. This is not a recent thing though, as I can remember ‘twenty five year old’ teenagers from the 70s! I may actually have been one of them, or at least had my moments.

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  2. You‘re son’s brilliant!

    I agree, even my daughter (age 3) sometimes brings up questions I didn’t know where it came from or ideas I myself didn’t think of.

    Perhaps it’s in the milk formula, whatever preservatives are in the food they eat and our brand of parenting.

    I’m concerned, too.

    Sometimes I get to think it may be for a reason that are kids are so much more smarter that all previous generations. Because they are born at a time the world is ageing and it needs geniuses to save/preserve it.

    Ok, that can be funny! Haha

    But at best, we are given the privilege to feel the pride and joy that they can accomplish so much more than we did.

    Cheers to your son, and I hope he’d be better soon. He has a point, school and community members should care more for each other. Care. Something we should all do more often. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is a privilege yes it can be very difficult but it is still a privilege. Would letting kids be just kids for a couple more years not be such a bad thing. I don’t know. Preservatives are another thing I am worried about. I sound a real worrier.

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    1. It’s a nice world where basically slightly naughty people always are defeated by the good people and dog. Maybe I’m odd, maybe a bit tired of this world, but I used to get sad that I couldn’t live in day In the Night Garden World, or Peppa Pig Land or Scooby country. Still do wish I could live there.

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