Third instalment of our joint stab at the fun 30 Day Song Challenge

Day 13 A song you like from the 70s

Son got really frustrated that he couldn’t quite get one of his favourite songs in here, David Bowie – Space Oddity. So gone for Mountain with Nantucket Sleighride. Managed to see these guys play live when they supported Deep Purple. It was also the theme to an old TV politics show – Weekend World in the U.K.

Day 14 A song you would like to be played at your wedding

This one is too tough for me to do so our son has put his foot down and gone for David Bowie – Space Oddity. Not going to argue.

Day 15 A song you like thats a cover by another artist

Love Yesterday by the Beetles but the Sinatra cover is just stunning. Plus it was one of my mums favourites.

Day 16 A song that is a classic favourite

Son shrugs his shoulder and just looks at me. One song pops into head. Bing Crosby – White Christmas

Day 17 A song you would sing a duet with at a Karaoke

I was told to mime in the school choir. Our son refuses to sing full stop. So this has to be an instrumental. Fleetwood Mac – Albatross

Day 18 A song from the year you were born

Muse – Invincible. Remember this song as it was released just a few days before our son was born. Unfortunately I am so old music hadn’t been invented in my year of birth.

Day 19 A song that makes you think about life

For me it’s the haunting Pink Floyd track Time. Gets more relevant everyday you get older.

Day 20 A song that has many meanings to you

Alter Bridge – Metalingus. Just about son’s favourite song. To him it means The Edge from WWE (was his favourite wrestlers entrance theme). It was also the first song he heard from his favourite band. To me it was the first time our son showed any interest in music.

Day 21 A song you like with a persons name in the title

The Damned – Eloise. Both love this song. Son especially loves this song as The Damned were the first band he ever saw live. It’s a cover of a successful 60’s song.

Day 22 A song that moves you forward

I immediately said “no idea what this means”. Son replied “probably something about not going back”. Immediately thought of Boston – Don’t Look Back.

21 thoughts on “30 Day Song Challenge pt3

  1. I was surprised to see Mountain there, not because it’s a bad song – it isn’t – but it’s a blast from the past. I would sometimes buy albums on the strength of the cover alone and that was one of those, a gatefold sleeve with a nice drawing of a nantucket sleighride inside.

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  2. I love Space Oddity and it’s companion song:

    Wow. Fleetwood Mac prior to Buckingham-Nicks.

    The lead singer of The Damned looks like a cross between Adam Ant & Boy George.

    Thanks for the introduction to new music pieces.

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      1. LOL! Nah, that’s okay. I freely admit to loving Joshua Tree, and I have no patience for grunge. I never listened to “hard rock,” whatever that is (Metallica? KISS? I dunno. There’s so many subgenres to Rock/Metal/etc). My music repertoire is very very VEEEEERY limited, obviously.

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