“Dad any chance of a White Christmas”

Look out the window and see for yourself.

“It’s not happening is it!!”

I think the current state of the wheelbarrow tells you everything about the current Yorkshire weather situation. Apart from one year when we took our 2 year old son out to show him snow straight after Christmas Lunch, he’s never had a White Christmas. Maybe next year.

But the show goes on. Let’s create the white stuff feel. It’s time for ice cream and watch Snow Dogs. Our son just loves this movie. Now it feels like it’s a White Christmas.

60 thoughts on “White Christmas!!!!!!!

  1. I remember one Christmas morning waking up to snow and rushing out to make a snowman. It was 6am and no-one else was up.
    We put Eric on the front door step and went back to bed. By the time we woke up again, all the snow had gone apart from our little snowman, The neighbours all thought it was a windup, and we’re convinced that Eric would have lasted untl New Year if it hadn’t rained. I should point out that we were in our late 30s at the time.

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      1. he was cute, only about 10 inches tall and the kids over the way thought it was a riot.
        We had a lot of snow in April 2008. It was Easter Sunday, our first in the cottage, and we woke up to about three feet of the stuff. It was the first time Maggie had seen it. She was not impressed. UK weather is very hit and miss!

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      2. In the cottage, we were on a main HGV and bus route, so the gritters were out regrdless. Here we are just down the road from the bus route, so again the gritters are out. However, last year we found it simpler, and safer, to actually walk into town rather than take the car.

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      3. There were no shops, Post Office, pub or church in our village, the nearest being 4 miles away but for a supermarket it was 10. Buses were every two hours and a half from 9am to 8pm. Luckily we both drive and had two cars at the time.

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  2. Too bad about all the rain. We will have a white Christmas in our neck of the woods this year. Temperatures dropping to -10 for a high and some white fluffy stuff on the way for the day. I will do a post on Christmas day showing some snow and lights in the area. Merry Christmas to you and your son. Allan

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  3. I also love Snow Dogs. Have you ever seen White Fang, or The Call of the Wild, or read any of the stories by Jack London? I read them all as a child. The movies-the old ones are probably better for a child than the remakes. The books are better, maybe read out loud? Merry Christmas to you

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  4. We didn’t have much of a white Christmas, either–some flurries Christmas morning, but that was it. Even now, we STILL don’t have anything. We got a few inches New Year’s Day, which was pretty, but it’s all long since melted. 😦

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      1. (insert spit take here)
        Wetwang?!?!?! Your’e making that up.

        Michigan’s a weird state: there’s the lower peninsula, which is on the eastern border of Lake Michigan, and then the upper peninsula, which juts off the northern border of Wisconsin. I’d like to think the UP, as it’s called, got lost in some poker game and WI had to hand over the land to Michigan….not that there’s much to the land. Towns are small and sporadic, connected by a bare minimum of roads. Ever hear of the Michigan Militia? Yeah, that’s totally a land where guerrilla groups can hide.

        Marquette’s pretty, though. 🙂

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