Thank you to Momlifewithchiari for the Christmas Tag.


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1. What present did you always want as a child and never received?

I was really lucky. We didn’t have an awful lot of money as a family. But my parents would try their hardest to get the present I really wanted the most. They did such a great job no real pressie omissions.

From being a toddler I really wanted the football team I support to win something. Still waiting!!!!!!!!

My son always wanted a brother or sister. Now he desperately wants another dog.

2. What are your top 5 Christmas movies?

My choices

  • Wonderful Life
  • Scrooged
  • Gremlins
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Die Hard

Son’s choices

  • Scrooged
  • Groundhog Day – Son counts it as a Christmas movie
  • Batman Returns
  • Home Alone
  • The Grinch 2000

3. Out of all the Christmas songs, which one makes you truly joyful?

Wizard – Wish it Could be Christmas

Son going for Christopher Lee (Yes that is Dracula, Saruman, Fu Manchu, Scaramanga and Count Dooku) – Little Drummer Boy !!!!!!!

4. What special memory do you have of Christmas morning, as a parent?

The three of us sneaking into the living room to see if Father Christmas had been yet. Just looking at our son’s face.

5. What was your favorite Christmas gift?

My dad made me a wooden fort when I was a kid.

My mum gave her grandson a little toy garage. He still has it and treasures it.

6. At what age did you realize that Santa was not real?

Sorry what do you mean!!!!

7. How long do you stay awake Christmas Eve setting everything up for the kids?

Last year son couldn’t sleep. Finally fell asleep at 3am. Zombie Santa then stumbled round the house for another hour trying to set things up. Foolishly Zombie Santa left the dog in the same room as Santa’s treats. The reindeer and Santa or dog finished off the carrots, mince pie and small non alcoholic ginger wine.

8. What traditions have you and your spouse made for your marriage on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Its about making new traditions now.

We did introduce a £10 present rule. We could not spend more than that on each other. Did lead to some interesting presents. As a Heavy Metal fan I particularly liked the best of the 80s dance track cd.

9. Are you a all year Christmas shopper or a last minute shopper?

Last last minute. My partner used to say it was me looking for bargains. I think it’s just incompetence.

10. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to put together for your kids to enjoy once they woke up?

Special mention to the old Christmas Tree which has been in my partners family for years. Ferocious. Has a taste for blood. Suspect it was made before Safety Standards were introduced.

A toy DIY work bench. It claimed to be easy to assemble and ready for action within 10 minutes. Took two days and I somehow managed to break two of my actual tools in its assembly. Once completed I tried to move it, dropped it and I managed to break my little toe. Must say it’s still standing today.


Opening this up to everyone with the same questions. Santa it’s open to you as well.

42 thoughts on “Christmas Tag 2018

  1. Children’s play sets are always a chore. I tried a small DIY kitchen set. Took me and my dad to put that stupid thing together. Finally at aged 11, she stopped by playing with it. So i threw that thing away.

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  2. I think that last last shopping phenomena is a man thin g. My partner has just done his and we celebrate tonight! And when he got home, he forgot our oldest son completely so had to go out again.
    Making new traditieons for a new chapter in life is important.a I wish you and your son peace, love and joyful memories. And that the ferocious Christmas tree develops a taste for gingerbread 🙂 Thank you for the follow. Many blessings

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  3. I truly enjoyed reading your answers. I think I would have given up after three hours on the work bench and said well box it back up because I remember the frustration in putting together my daughter’s first Doll house. I learned from that experience though…lol. Her second one only took an hour and two Band-Aids.

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      1. My son, Brandon, had a small bench with those plastic tools….they lasted a day. He bent the hammer in half and it never worked again…lol. The look on his face when he did it was priceless though.

        As hard as that bench sounds he could be using real tools on it.

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