Dog trying to make a convincing case for joining us at the table for Christmas Dinner…

What do you think?

What the dog doesn’t realise is that while he is desperately trying to gain entry to the dinner the two cats are happily helping themselves to his Christmas Dog Treats.

62 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner Please

  1. Who could resist??? I once had a dog, half border collie – half rottweiler, the gentlest dog you would ever hope to meet. He never realized that he was no longer a pup, even once his weight topped 110 pounds! But smart … oh so smart. I worked long hours, and when I came home at night, it was about all I could muster to fix a sandwich. About the time I sat down, took a single bite, suddenly he would race to the front door and begin barking his fool head off. As I am 90% deaf, it wasn’t a stretch to believe that somebody was at the door and I simply had not heard them knock, so I got up, went to the front door, only to find … nothing, nobody. Then, as I returned to my sandwich at the kitchen table … it was … GONE!!! Yep, he used diversionary tactics, then stole my sandwich, gobbled by the time I returned! I’m ashamed to admit that it took several times of this happening before I finally caught on!

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      1. He was indeed wonderful … we used to play frisbee together and he still thought he was a puppy, jumping into my lap anytime I sat down. Ever have 110 pounds of dog jump into your lap? ๐Ÿ™‚ Smart beagle!!! We have a cat who can open door handles and has more than once given me a fright by opening the bathroom door when I was in there! I love critters … better than humans most days!

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      2. There is a man who is always at our local bookstore (Barnes & Noble) when we go there (pretty much every weekend) who has a service dog that is a mastiff. His name is Skipper (the dog, not the man) and he knows me by now and always wants to give me a hug! Last week he nearly knocked me literally off my feet!

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