The thick fog briefly parted this afternoon and we had the pleasure of an almost alien like landscape. Having said that Yorkshire is a weird place most of the time….

We are so lucky to have this view from the back of the house. Maybe not so lucky when the farmers cows decide to turn the field into an open air toilet – normally next to our fence.

It’s a beautiful location at night. The village has no street lighting so apart from a few house lights it makes a perfect place to see the stars. An Astronomers paradise apart from the weather and the cowpats.

I remember the first night we spent here. 18 years ago. My partner was happily sat in front of the fire watching TV. I was outside gazing at a myriad of stars and marvelling at how dark it was. Pitch black. Then over a few minutes I started to get a feeling of being watched. The feeling grew and I became distinctly unnerved. Then a noise. A noise close by. A nervous glance towards the fence and to my horror not one but about 30 pairs of eyes fixed on me. Sheer Terror.

Thankfully the torch revealed no beasts from hell just inquisitive sheep. It’s not easy being the perfect amateur astronomer when in fact you are tonight’s entertainment for so many prying eyes.


Challenge update: We sat watching Home Alone and looking for the plot hole. I must admit I forgot and switched into movie zombie biscuit eating mode. That was until:

Dad how did Kevin order the pizza delivery when the phone lines are down!”

So another day and it’s another round of jelly bean roulette for me. And again I picked the chamber with a bullet in the form of stinky sock flavour. Deep Joy.

Today’s challenge. Guess how many Scooby Doo films and episodes have been made. The loser again visits the jelly bean roulette lounge.

89 thoughts on “Alien Sun

  1. I envy you your night skies. My favorite stargazing happens in Maine, on far Northeast coast over here on this side; always try to visit in August, during the Perseids; or, long ago teenage years of canoe trips in Canadian wilderness, bright with Northern lights, skies stuffed with stars. My Dad and my Mike both knew far more about which stars were what, and no, that’s not a star, that’s Jupiter, etc. The suburban light pollution has overwhelmed any sense of wonder where I live. I never see the neighbors look up. Too bad. I will always be grateful to my Dad and my Mike for sharing a sense of wonder with me, looking up, at a star-stuffed sky. Maybe, to all those sheep, you are a source if wonder.

    And I think your son would probably catch you, find you out, if you tried a jellybean switcheroo. Good luck with the game!

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    1. I did try to cheat yesterday but was caught. Punishment is still to determined. The U.K. is getting worse with light pollution. Lived in a city and the stars are just about invisible most nights. Street lights everywhere. Never seen the northern lights, really want to see them one day.


  2. Sheep: “Whatcha doin’?” (thinking of the sheep in Wallace & Gromit’s ‘A Close Shave’).

    Pretend to chew said nasty bean, tuck it under tongue, make a fake grimace…and spit it out later? I don’t think we have buds on the underside?

    Just trying to help…🤔

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  3. I love your night sky. We had this when we first moved up to Lincolnshire in 2007. Our house was built in 1847 and used to be the village school. No artificial light and the night sky was velvet and diamonds.
    Can imagine being unnerved by those sheep!
    Can’t help you with Scooby Do I’m afraid!

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      1. We weren’t too far away from Sleaford, and I took Mum for a walk along the river as I knew there were plenty of ducks there. We stayed on a caravan site just outside of Cranwell, eventually buying our property just up the road from the BBMF.

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      2. Oh what a shame.
        The eurofighters (aka MDF or Airfix kits imho) flew over our house every single day, but to see the Lancaster, Spitfires and Hurricanes, not to forget the Vulcan going back to base after repair was out of this world!

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      3. We saw it at an aircraft grave yard when we cme back to Lincolnshire to view property, We had to do a double take as we couldn;t believe it after all that tim, money and effort to get it airborne. That’s the sort of heritage that should be preserved imo.

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      4. Wonderful to see, and a shame they have now been grounded. We once had the entire practice performance over the fields directly opposite us.
        Maggie got fed up with the eurofighters though, one or two wasn’t so bad, but when we had eight fly over and going round in circles before they could land, it got tiresome so she put her paws on the front fence and barked at the sky! It was too noisy too often which was one (or 125) of the reasons we wanted to move

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      5. Shortly after moving into the cottage, Hubby bought me a book on fighter planes and I was surprised how interested I became. I could recognise the harrier by the whistling sound it ade when passing overhead, and the distinct ‘shark’ shape of the tornado as it aligned its wings was amazing. It was interesting to see the American F16s and F18s fly over too.
        The eurofighters were OK for about a week, but we saw so many and they were so noisy. Did you know that the wingspan of the spitfire is greater than that of a eurofighter?

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  4. Smell aside, it sounds idyllic.
    And…. the phone lines were working right after they left for Paris. They were even calling the neighbors from the airport and Kevin’s dad left a message on a machine that Harry and Marv overheard. Is this really a plot hole people think exists?

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  5. We moved away from the city and our first night in our current house was similar – couldn’t believe all the stars! I laughed about the sheep 🙂 We didn’t have that – but we did have a black and tan beagle that loved to get out. The only way I could find him was by the jingle of his chain and when I could see his shiny eyes 🙂

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    1. Beagles are great. We had Benji Beagle. He could have had his own web site. Completely mad, completely lazy, would pick fights with the biggest dogs he could find but complete loveable – except for the 2 Rottweilers he would bully. Have you bought a telescope to look at the stars. It’s on my wish list.

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      1. We had beagle brothers – a black one and a white one. They were every bit of what you described. My Louie was the white one and such a big teddy bear. Really, I think he just was the laziest thing in the world and he would let you do whatever with him as long as he didn’t have to move 🙂 So he was dressed as a princess by Catelyn a lot 🙂 We got a small telescope for my oldest when he was younger – we just were not very good with it. Did you get one for Christmas?

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  6. This is must lovely. Wow. Yorkshire! One of my most favourite places. I live in North Lincolnshire. Am no steanger to farm animals as I was partially brought up on my grandparents) farm near to Gainsborough!

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      1. Lol about the speed cameras. I loved going north over the Humber Bridge! Loved Beverley then onwards. Lived Grassington, and all round there. Used to holiday in York too. We lived in Derbyshire before we moved back here to my himetown. My grandparents’ farm was lursude Blyton, towards Northorpe. Great countryside mearby.


  7. We live in a farming town, too, so the smell of fertilizer reeeeeeeally hits us hard. 🙂 Our town has street lights, but a couple minutes out of town to be one among the cornfields, and the heavens open wide. It’s beautiful. xxxxx

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      1. Ah, the flat Dakota plains…yeah, you can see miles and miles and miles of nuthin’ out there. Another reason I love Wisconsin: the landscape changes so much: gentle sloping hills, patchwork forests, bluffs, natural stone formations, rivers and lakes galore xxxxxxxx

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      2. Well I’d love to see the Appalachian Mountains some day. We have friends in Washington State, and I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean, so that’d be cool, too. And I’ve not been to all of Wisconsin! Such a shameful thing to say, but true. The most northern area, Superior–I’ve never been, and I keep hearing how lovely it is.
        Plus there are the trips we’d like to do with the kids–in the Dakotas, you can pay to participate in dinosaur digs! Mount Rushmore’s such an epic sight, and the badlands–wow.

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