Yesterday’s challenge question x2:

  1. What is the most powerful bird of prey in the world?
  2. What is the Wild Wolf population in the USA?


  1. Sea Eagle
  2. 1138


  1. Harpy Eagle
  2. 14000


Harpy Eagle

According to the Wolf Conservation Society the numbers are

Alright I completely forgot about Alaska. Again I visited the Jelly Bean Roulette Lounge. I dodged the first bullet with cherry flavour. The second bean will live with me for many years – Dead Fish.

Today’s Question

How many Roman Emperors were there?

35 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Challenge – it’s starting to hurt now

  1. Wow, you’re hurting from this challenge!

    I would love to visit Alaska some time, but I have to admit I’d be equally scared to go there. You gotta worry about plenty of predators up there. Yeah, Wisconsin’s got wolves and bears and big ol’ cats, but not nearly on their scale…

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