Following on from my top 5 places I want to visit our son has now decided on his list. It is completely different to mine – which is good but kinda really expensive.

Denmark – Never guessed this one. It’s a lovely country but why did it make the list. All he would say was ‘because it is there”.

Rome – I guessed this one. We are lucky to live near a historic city with wonderful Roman and Viking heritage. You will often find our son watching videos about the Roman Empire and it’s Emperors. Worryingly have found him watching videos about Nero and Caligula – lord knows what he learned. Anyway he wants to visit Rome and just absorb the history.

Canada – “I want to start in the south and zigzag my way north to Resolute”.

Berlin – “I am a little bit German on my mums side so I want to visit some of my families history. I want to see the Brandenburg Gate and the other recent historical places”

Washington – I have always wanted to see the White House and the Washington Monument.”

41 thoughts on “Where do I want to go (2)

      1. In my dreams the places on your lists would be on mine. Time is on my mind when it comes to vacation. Time with my children, so I’ll probably just take a random spontaneous road trip. I’m aiming for driving up the east coast and visiting all the historical places. So Washington D.C. would be the big stop hands down! If I were to fill up my coin jar… I’d go to Ireland, Italy, Germany or some Caribbean island somewhere.

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  1. Lovely places! I’d love to visit Denmark also ❤
    Been to Rome twice. It's such a great city to visit during spring or autumn. The first time i went there was during August. I thought I'm gonna melt into a puddle 😀

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  2. Washington is so much fun to visit, I have so many happy childhood memories there so I can promise it’s great for kids, and most of the museums are free (when they’re not closed thanks to our government shutting down, that is) so that’ll help your budget a bit! Berlin is also a blast, I lived there for a year and it’s such a fun, lively city, and one of the only places I’ve been where you can be in a major metropolitan city center then in 45 minutes be at the lake, in the forest, or walking around palace grounds all within the same city. Hope you and your son will have some fun travels very soon!

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  3. It warms my heart that Canada made the list. Will need to give yourself lots of time if you plan to zigzag from the south to Resolute. One zig or zag across the country is about 7500 km (4500 miles for imperialists). And once you run out of roads it gets even more exciting travelling by dogsled. 😉

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  4. CANADA????

    Well, as he said of Denmark, it is “there.” Eh, nothing against Canada. It’s oodles of wilderness, so if one needs some wildness, that’d be the place to go.

    Ironic story about Washington DC: my dad had to work for a conference there, so our family made a vacation out of it. This was of course the time the Washington monument was closed for restoration, and the Enterprise model from the original series was removed from the Smithsonian for restoration. Dad was SOOOOO bummed. Never got back there. Ah well.

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      1. Eh, it might be neat seeing DC with the kids, but I’m not rushing it. I’d rather go see Mount Rushmore first–lots of wilderness there, and if you go off-season not nearly as many people. That’s the cool thing about the Dakota states–they’re not at all as densely populated as other places.

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