Son was a bit upset today. One of his classes had a surprise test. He didn’t get any reading help, had to try and type the answers using his left hand and didn’t get any extra time. So understandably he didn’t get anywhere near finishing. Angry face. 😑

To try and lift his spirits I thought we would play a little game. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to go with the first thing that pops into your head.

Can we think of which animals famous people look like. Sorry this is not very PC but it was the first thing which crawled into my empty brain. It did immediately catch our son’s imagination. A few minutes later we were both snorting with laughter.

Some of the images we conjured up I won’t share. But a few we probably can get away with.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May we both agreed on this one.

US Vice President Mike Pence while looking at a video of President Trump our son said that the chap stood next to him who said nothing looked like an African Vulture.

I on the other hand could only see one of those petting zoo Lamas. The ones who stand next to someone quietly and just look blankly into the distance.

US President Donald Trump we argued over this one. Son went for

For some reason I just couldn’t get the image of Sid trying to milk the Male Musk Ox in Ice Age. So I’m going for that Ox as my Mr Trump.

In the spirit of balance it’s only fair that we bring the animal likeness thing a little closer to home.

Me after much debate we have agreed that the Sea Cow is my best fit.

I think it’s now officially time for happy face. 😎

72 thoughts on “Not PC – Sorry

  1. What a wonderful, creative game! I would love to know the ones that you felt weren’t fit to print! 🀣🀣🀣 I must say that I concur with your son on both Pence and Trump … he is spot on! Great game!

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  2. Glad you were able to make him laugh after all that! I agree with both of your Mike Pences but I do think a long-haired guinea pig makes a better Trump, especially in that picture. It’s like he clipped it and showed it to his hairdresser…

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  3. Not PC according to Who’s standards?

    The world has gotten too stupid and offended at everything to the point no one laughs much anymore.

    THIS? Made me laugh. So it’s perfect

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