This morning the TV had this lovely chap on. Good buddies with President Trump, lead brexiteer, former leader of a political party, European MEP, darling of the BBC and all round tit – Nigel Farage. This guy deserves an animal likeness.

Again deepest apologies to Hyenas.

Any better ideas please let us all know.

42 thoughts on “Not PC post credit scene

      1. I’ve always thought he was a buffoon, but when he and Trump became all buddy-buddy, that was the last straw and I was happy to see him fade into oblivion after his hopes of being Ambassador to the U.S. were dashed. Or at least I thought he had faded into oblivion. And I thought the BBC too reputable to have anything to do with him. Surely they aren’t becoming the UK’s version of Fox News?

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      2. The Cameron Government changed its governing board. It became in many eyes biased. Maybe they have become adverse to rock the boat. But I have stopped getting my news from them. We have a very right wing and very Brexit paper the Mail. The BBC news site will frequently just show the papers opinion as a news item. Nigel. The BBC has a big weekly politics show, Question Time. He’s been on it something like 32 times…..

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      3. Yes, I occasionally come across articles from the Mail and won’t use them unless I can verify information elsewhere. My favourite UK sources are The Guardian and Reuters, and until now, BBC. Thanks for the enlightenment!

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