A couple of days ago we had a sad face type of day. Old photographs bringing back memories. Sad memories. But it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. Especially when the photograph entails Switzerland.

Today I feel able to correct this….

Switzerland is such a special place. My beloved partner loved it. So did her parents. From childhood she would spend such happy holidays in the Bernese Oberland. The stunning higher part of the Bern canton. Staying in Spiez a beautiful small town on the banks of Lake Thun. Awesome views to the Alps. The summit of the Eiger is visible in the distance and always the last peak to be illuminated by the setting sun. Early mornings would bring on equally stunning landscapes. My partner would sit and just soak up this view. Today this image reminds me of how special Switzerland is and how blessed I was to spend time with my partner. So blessed. Bring on SMILING FACE. 😊

39 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Beautiful. I know what you mean though.. it’s a kind of bittersweet thing isn’t it. Sometimes I can look at old photos, or be reminded of something, and bawl my eyes out. And yet the memories are sweet too. I love how you have described Switzerland. A place I would have loved to have visited.

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  2. I know at times it memories will bring great pain
    But it is wonderful to read of you enjoying your precious memories and sharing them. Despite the pain, you have a treasure chest of gems – exquisite moments you shared together – that have enriched your life and made you wealthy of heart.
    I hope you can reap much pleasure in those memories, although at times waves of pain will surely come.

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  3. Such beauty that our God created just for us. Your partner will live in the memories of you and your son. Therefore the partner will live as long as you and others, who knew, πŸ™‚

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