The sheep are back in the farm at the back of our house. As a result our mad dog has parked himself at the fence, getting very excited and wagging his tail. He’s been doing this for 3 hours and showing no signs of getting bored.

If it keeps him happy…

Meanwhile inside it’s the dreaded artistic adventure.

Dad can you cut my hair”

Trying to convince him that a trip to the hairdressers would result in a much better final product than the usual dad disaster.

No no no. I’m not going to have a stranger cut my hair. I’d rather take a risk on one of your shockers…”

So we started. I could feel my hands shaking. My IBS gripping my insides.

Dad did you know you stick your tongue out when your cutting my hair”.

I do it every time I panic. I also strangely do it when I watch my football team play.

“Dad you didn’t tell me that you had bought a hair trimmer.”

Didn’t have the heart to tell him I was using the Dogs trimmer.

“Are both sides of my hair supposed to match.”

Theoretically yes.

You don’t think you have taken too much off my fringe.”

Now you mention it that was a bit brutal.

Looks like I’ve got one hairstyle on the left and a different one on the right.”

Technically speaking it’s a highly scientific mix of layering and blending… Or just one massive mess up.

Next time do you think I should grow my hair long. Maybe I would be like Hercules, instead of being super strong I might be super intelligent or be able to read.”

I tried to boost his confidence again. I wish I could find some new words of wisdom. The words I use seem tired and ineffective. I also mentioned my experimentation with 80s metal hair. Unfortunately rather than look like a rock god I ended up looking like Cousin It (Adams Family). This made him laugh. That’s about the only thing I seem to be able to do these days.

Eventually the ordeal was over. Out of 10 I was given a 4. Which is 2 higher than the last one and considerably better than the 0 I got last summer. Let’s see what the dog is up to. Still sheep watching.

Dad that sheep has my hair cut”.

Sadly I agree.

76 thoughts on “Going Artistic

  1. “I’d rather take a risk on one of your shockers…” 😂
    Oh my goodness, I love this kid!
    Practice makes…better 😉
    I had to watch YouTube tutorials to figure out how to cut my son’s hair lol.

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  2. Wonderful!! I have to confess, that as a single mother, I too did exactly the same. I’d sit the boys down at the kitchen table with the sharpest of scissors, a houseplant water sprayer and a thin comb that was in a Christmas cracker but seemed to work rather well. This saved me HUNDREDS of pounds over the years, I kid you not! As time passed, I became better at it, but by the age of about 13, they eventually decided that it simply wasn’t ‘cool’ to have mum doing their hair, so to the barbers they would go. Sadly at that point, despite my holding the purse strings, they had control over the various hairstyles that they adopted. Letting them grow up was very hard! I have now remarried and do my husbands hair. He too likes to save money, and armed with the same scissors, a new comb and his rather natty razor and badger brush, I seem to be able to perform a relatively decent job on his hair. As he says, “Good enough for government work”. That’s good enough for me! Happy hairdressing. Katie

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  3. Funny! It’s amazing what responsibilities our kids give to us despite the fact that we have no idea what we are doing.

    The first time I told my son I didn’t know the answer to something he paused for a while, then he told me that I’d never told him I didn’t know something before. I was fired as my son’s Wikipedia…

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      1. Well, my degree is in engineering, so it is a matter of pride that I can answer MOST questions. I think that’s why my oldest went into linguistics… something I know literally NOTHING about.

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  4. lol………….too funny…..

    Maybe find a hairdresser and have him meet her in a neutral place and chat. He would get comfortable with her and WANT to go see her. Just a thought.

    Then your IBS would thank you.

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  5. Your son is wonderful.
    Talking about hair trimmers though, Hubby invested in one and apart from the one time I finished off his neck but went up with no attachment giving him a reverse mohichan, (and he’s never let me forget so if asked, we say in unison, don’t go up!), it’s paid for itself and is so easy. Hubby has a number 1 cut now (he hasn’t got much hair anyway, my fault of course and no trimmer) but the attachments go up as high as 5 on his set, which cost about £18.

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  6. A couple of potential money-making ideas here:

    Advertise your sheep-shearing services to the farm with the sheep … you could use your son as an ad poster! And you’ve already got the shears, so no capital outlay!

    Hire out the dog to be a sheep-herder … ever see the movie Babe?

    No charge for my brilliant ideas, and if you need a good accountant, let me know … I work cheap!

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  7. Thats so funny, I can relate to dog and haircut. My four dogs sit and watch for moles for hours, and the haircut… daughter and granddaughter, I have to cut their hair, but my two grandsons go to the hairdressers. It could the girls have long hair and if I make a mistake it can be covered up, not so the boys 🙂

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  8. Sounds like you were “between a rock and a hard place”. I would have loved to of gone to a professional, whether it was a hairdresser or a barber. This is going back over 50 years ago now, but my uncle cut my hair. And he used cattle shears. They were massive. So awesome your scores are getting higher. That is a 40% higher grade since last summer! Well done! 🙂

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  9. LMAO! There is such a thing as an asymmetrical haircut. Just sayin…

    I had to learn to do a military fade for years. My ex-Marine didn’t want to pay to be butchered by guys with tattoos so he settled for my cheap butchering. Practice make perfect.

    I’ve been cutting my own hair for years. It’s easy when it is all one length.

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  10. We all had those Sheep hair days. Now that I’m in my 40’s, I keep it long and natural. No hairspray or coloring. My kids, well, they’re going through similar experiences ad teens and well, I’m glad I’m not one of them.

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  11. Ah, we cut Biff and Bash’s hair with clippers, and it’s still a two-man job, me holding the boy down while Bo cuts. Biff insists we’re trying to kill him, or at the very least cut his ears off. Bash is slowly, slowly coming around to the normalcy of it. 🙂

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