This is the face of evil. An entity so without remorse. So utterly malevolent that even the likes of Thanos and Professor Moriaty won’t mess with her. Her name Daisy…

This weeks role call of shame:

  • Pulled not one but two sets of curtains down,
  • Ripped to shreds the floor mop,
  • Smashed a picture frame after she decided to would be kinda fun to whack it with her paw,
  • Somehow managed to delete an important file when she decided to sit on my computer keyboard,
  • Twice scoffed all the dogs food,
  • Sat on the boy cats food bowl so he couldn’t get to his food,
  • Used a sofa cushion as a scratching pole,
  • Used the corner of the sofa as a scratching pole,
  • Completely decimated the dogs favourite cuddly teddy bear,
  • Bit the head off one of our son’s favourite wrestling figures,
  • Somehow gained access to my wardrobe and covered all my black clothes with white hairs,
  • Chewed the corner off a £5 note,
  • Knocked a full bowl of porridge onto the carpet,
  • Deliberately pushed the boy cat into the toilet as the poor cat was sat on the edge having a closer inspection (wish I had captured the moment, it was both vindictive and truly funny at the same time).

All these evil doings while giving me that “what are you going to do about – do I care” look…..

Truly an apex predator.

72 thoughts on “Face of evil

  1. I once read a comparison between cats and dogs…part of it went something like this….DOG…oh boy oh boy oh boy, going for a walk….oh boy oh boy oh boy, going for a car ride….oh boy oh boy oh boy, fetching the stick my master threw for the 1,450th time. CAT….Day #982 in captivity, my captor suspects nothing, I have him right where I want him. Cats are good on a farm and good mousers, but………………………….Allan

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  2. Cat’s do have a certain “sod you” quality to them! I looked after a cat over Christmas while the Cats Protection lady was on holiday with the idea that if I could tame him a bit I could have him. He was semi feral – so a bit of a handful. We got acquainted. He learned to eat from my hand and destroyed my kitchen plants. He got more used to handling and sat on the worktop knocking glasses on to the floor. Then with advice from the experts at cats protection I moved him to a cage in the living room for socialisation with more people. He was particularly displeased with this and bit right through my finger and striped my arm from wrist to elbow. This resulted in blood stains on two carpets, a hospital trip, a tetanus injection, a course of antibiotics, an x-ray and his return to said cat lady at the end of the holiday. Little wotsit!

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  3. Hah. We have two cats and I can completely sympathise. Between them, they have bitten through three USB cables, and then they look at you as if to say: “It was your fault for not giving us more food.”

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