The boy cat has six talents:

  • Getting stuck up trees, wardrobes, roofs …..,
  • Eating,
  • Opening Doors,
  • Missing his litter tray – halfway up the wall is his latest favourite,
  • Tripping people up,
  • Sleeping.

I don’t know who he is so good at sleeping. Nothing wakes him. This photo might suggest a scene of tranquility and quiet. No. Only two yards away the mad dog is going ballistic. Currently barking at 110dB as he tries to get the attention of his friends the sheep. I wish I could sleep like that.

49 thoughts on “Looks don’t tell the full story.

  1. “Halfway up the wall” is both impressive and a bit worrying.

    We have two cats and at least one of them has taken to going just outside the litter tray. I keep wondering if it’s a deliberate protest at no-one being up early enough on a Saturday morning to let him out.

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  2. His dreams involve thinking of ways to get back at the dog when no one’s looking … ‘disturb my sleep, you hairy great pillock!’ sort of thing.

    And the issue of missing the litter tray? That’s common enough with male cats, but if the litter box has three tall sides … or a lid (I know some of them don’t like the lids, and unless you change/clean the litter regularly, the first effect of ‘lifting the lid’ can be a bit disconcerting …
    It’s just that boys aren’t built the same, or just don’t care as much, or simply feel the need to mark their territory to warn the noisy one to booger off.

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  3. Our Boo (short for Booker T. Washington) is like that … he can sleep through literally anything, including poking, prodding and finally will wake when picked up and tossed unceremoniously on the floor! I’m like you … I wish I could sleep that well. I wake up if somebody down the street starts their car!

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      1. You’re lucky if he only moans … our Boo shrieks at the top of his lungs! And if somebody goes into the bathroom and closes the door, he does sits outside the door and shrieks until they come out! Moggies!

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