Worlds worst telephone answer phone…..

It’s was the dreaded MOT. The annual test of the car to see if it is safe and roadworthy. It should be renamed the ‘your rust bucket is going to cost you big time’ test.

The garage phoned with the results. As our phone is not working properly (I blame the cat) it only works in hands free mode. So our son listened intently to the conversation.

After the call had finished our son shook his head.

Dad you need to work on what you are saying. It wasn’t appropriate to the situation”


“When the garage told you it had passed first time. You said in a high pitched shocked tone ARE YOU SURE. Clearly if you are wanting the car to pass then why didn’t you just say something like I WAS EXPECTING THAT. Why put doubt in the examiners mind. Then you made things worse.”

This is really funny as I have been sitting down with our son and trying to explain that you sometimes have to think about the situation before saying the honest comment.

“When the garage confirmed that it had passed without any issues you said WOW I can’t believe that it passed, so even the brakes and the emissions were ok. I wouldn’t have blamed them if they had retested the car. You should have just said I WILL PICK IT UP SOON.”

Yes he is right and it’s a perfect case of role reversal. In my defence…. How on earth did my heap of metal money pit pass…. That’s a result. It’s a definite role reversal for the car.

49 thoughts on “Role reversal

  1. Bwahahahahaha I do the same thing when expecting things not to turn out and than they do? I am so surprised and will ask as well if they were positive. Your son is extremely perceptive and able to see things that even we as adults miss. Next time I have an issue and am not sure it will turn out may I borrow your son so he can take the phone call and I don’t mess it up? I love your tales about him.

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  2. HA! This is how I felt when we had to have the repairman come back to look at the heater. You mean it’s NOT brokeN!? Man could’ve easily conned a few hundred out of me with, “Well actually now that you mention it, blah blah blah.” Considering the state of the house I’m just assuming everything’s falling apart.

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  3. :::blink blink::::

    Your son, who doesn’t drive, knew what to say……………….*giggling here*

    And thanking GOD above we don’t have the MOT here. My ‘Stang and Truck would not pass ….well maybe…..the exhaust systems are newer. OK I don’t need to think about this….

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      1. My five year old told me this morning that he was going to count down from ten and then I had to get out of bed. When I told him I was tired and wanted a bit longer he replied “I’ll count down from eleven then”. 😁 You’ve got to love kids.

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  4. Great news!
    I had my peugeot 206 for 10 years, and it failed just one MOT in 2015. We didn’t need two cars anymore, so we got it through the MOT (new exhaust) and sold it to a car dealer. I actually got just under Β£2000 less than what I paid for it (new) in 2005.
    If I may, details are in these posts
    and a very long winded ‘every car I owned’

    I tend to drive a hard bargain on anything that costs me serious money!

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  5. I just love when my kids get this look on their face, of the “you’re lecturing me with exactly what you don’t do, Mom.” It creeps across their smile and pretty soon even their eyes are smirking.

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