I really don’t think I finished off the last post correctly about Cragfast.

I want to highlight something I have mentioned in the comments.

I am sat here with my iPad, in a comfy chair with a hot drink. That occasionally may seem like cragfast but it is most definitely not Hell. It just feels like that somedays. That’s human nature. Those poor climbers experienced hell. I read the truly inspirational stories some of my blogger friends tell of how they cope with life challenges – that is real adversity. They are the heroes who appear at dawn and bring hope.

27 thoughts on “Cragfast revisited

  1. Challenges are a part of living. What to me is important is meeting them without letting them drag me into darkness. As a friend once said there is no such thing as a bad day, some days are just better than others. Amazing how well remembering that works on the bleak days.

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  2. There are many levels to our own personal idea of ‘hell’. Hell is what we make of it. Feeling as though we are stuck in it without any clear view of a reprieve can make it truly hellish at times in our life. Sometimes it is best if we don’t try lifting ourselves out of the pit but seek some assistance from someone well placed to offer the help we need to get back ‘up’ to the point that we can continue living a life we enjoy. πŸ˜‰

    It’s good that you are well able to see the different levels and have not remained in the deeper ones.

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      1. We do have our own versions, but just as they may not be totally of our own creation, so to we do not have to try to escape from them without outside help! It can be hard to see the exit at the times when all you see is darkness all around you.

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