An advert on the radio caught my attention this morning

A very helpful sounding person speaking for the Government asked “If you had started thinking about Brexit yet” and helpfully suggested that “it may be worthwhile if people and businesses started to plan for it.”

Thank you very much.

Just a couple of teeny weeny points

  • It might be a tad late to remind people that as we are potentially only just over 20 days away from it,
  • Pot calling Kettle. Why don’t you shove that up your collective governmental backsides. Why don’t YOU start doing your job (rather than look after your own self interests) and actually make some decisions that allow people to know exactly what is going on.

I am putting forward our 3 gerbils as the new team to get us out of this Brexit mess.

104 thoughts on “Helpful Brexit

      1. The PM definitely did. But our premier is a doofus and just reminds me of his doofus brother who was the mayor of Toronto before him. Lol I hope the PM recovers his standing. If not, there should be an election in the fall

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    1. Well you need to take your gerbils to the HOP, pronto and they will save the nation by eating them all. Yeah, it is disgusting how they are all serving their own ends. I never saw the likes, or all the squabbling in house either. And I am not just talking the big things, like in party warring either.

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      1. You are so right. It is beyond embarrassing. They are brilliant at blaming others but never accepting responsibility for anything. I am struggling to think of more than 5 members of the HOP who I would fully trust. But they sit there, pat themselves on the back, look after their friends and then get a knighthood. Team Gerbils are ready to roll. Have you been to Prague yet?

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      2. Yep. It was a flying visit. Left our house at 3 am. Thurs morning, Got to Prague by lunchtime. Came back yesterday tea time. Will share some pics this week. Great place. Only saw Cruella’s phisog on a telly in the hotel bar/foyer once and just got up and moved seats. Wisnae wanting put off me Happy Hour Screwdriver. It is the blaming of everyone that is beyond me AND the fact that the things that are causing all the bother, are things that she was told about, warned about by civil servants two years ago. But on they all barged thinking what’s YOUR problem why can’t you oblige us, to everyone else, the EU leaders, the Irish, the lot. The arrogance and colonialism is beyond belief. AS for this Dunkirk spirit stuff? Do pardon me but I kind of thought that war was apparently waged against Fascism and I have never seen a bigger bunch of Fascist racists either sitting in parliament all stirred and stoked by the Mail and Express.

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      3. Pleased you went it’s a stunning city. I heard one of the cabinet saying today that Europe was being unreasonable for not giving the UK what we wanted and what we deserved, as we have been leading Europe for years…..Why would they …. we are the ones leaving. I remember the first meeting the EU team arrived with tons of papers and evaluation documents. Davis and his muppets arrived without anything. Then Davis left after an hour as he had another appointment. Unbelievable. Sounds like your as happy with this as me.

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      4. Well they don’t want Brexit for the people, they want it for their own disgusting ends. Obviously re Europe well, I can see reasons on both sides to stay, to go. They did bully the Greeks but then the Greeks …and I love the Greeks…they did come it a bit with funding. I mean I once saw a reservoir in Tilos built with EU grants when the island never got any rain. The mayor there had just been excellent at getting grants. But, putting all that aside, as you said in one comment, what is going on is beyond belief. and that graveyard parasite Mogg, and these other money grubbing…not going to say, going to be polite here… well they just do not want ‘foreigner’s here. What they are really about is a recreation of the country THEIR way and screw the rest of us. You see these stupid ass demonstrators ..young folk …in their fancy tee shirts shouting leave means leave etc. and I am just minded, in the writing industry of the screwing about that goes on a daily basis on kindle unlimited on Amazon, by scammers. Even apparently respectable publishers are at it, paying click farms, inventing authors who turn out a book in 3 weeks but don’t have a profile pic or any social media sites but who are topping Kindle Unlimited best seller lists and I am wondering how many of these young people are being bloody well paid a fortune to stand there. I mean let’s face it as a journalist said yesterday in an excellent article, this lot shouting about rationing and bring it on, die if they can’t get the KFC chicken order they wanted. What do they know of politics?


      5. I know what you mean about Kindle Unlimited. It is being ruined because it’s being manipulated and tainted. It feels like the Martian Red Weed, corruption slowly spreading out into all walks of life. Listening to a Government Minister reminded me so much of the Month Python sketch about what had the Romans ever done for us apart from …… Then to top it off the second most incompetent in the Government – unbelievably- Jeremy Hunt has now said a second vote would be a disaster for the Conservatives. Says it all about priorities.


  1. I can’t see your gerbils bring any less decisive than the current collection of clowns.

    Brexit has been a complete mess from beginning to end and has turned the UK into an international laughing stock.

    It’s embarrassing.

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      1. In MI we are locked in what feels like eternal winter, oppressed by a monster who seems omnipotent. This is worse than Game of Thrones, where Winter is Coming. It’s already here.

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  2. The blame lies fairly and squarely with David Cameron and the Brexiteers. The civil servants who are desperately trying to ‘polish a turd’ are blameless in all of this. Government is in chaos and making it up on a daily basis. I want to close my eyes and wish it all away.

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  3. An advert? Clearly they are doing something ‘constructive’ then?? With 3 weeks left after 21 months of pre-planning and preparation they decide we (= you) need to start making a plan.

    I’d be inclined to vote for your son’s gerbils (they look so COOT!!!!):-) ❤ 🙂 but i fear they have comparatively far too big a brain to waste any effort trying to get this dead duck up and floating this side of Armageddon.

    Frankly i'm amazed anyone in the UK fell for the story that Brexit would ever be allowed to come to fruition. The powers that be never wanted it and never truly thought it would be voted for. You could have the team that put man on the Moon in the 60's working on a Brexit deal and it would never produce a deal that would get passed in Parliament.

    Did we learn NOTHING from 'Yes, Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister'!??

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    1. It’s like Fozzie from the muppets has been leading the process. I think the icing on the cake was the awarding a contract for emergency ferry capacity to a fly by night firm which had no experience of transport and had not one ship. They even cocked the process up so another company successfully sued the government and won 30m. Stunning

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      1. Yeah! That one made the news here! 😦

        It makes sense though – when you realise there are those who make money from scamming people. What better target than self-serving incompetents in charge of unlimited public funds for scammers to target???
        Why make !00,000 running a legit business when you can scam a public tender process and make millions for a few days work?

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      2. It’s a growing trend all over the world today. 😦

        I do have to say though that a large part of that incompetence has to do with us voting nearly 50/50 in every two party election and voting in alternate upper and lower houses making it very difficult to actually get much done that the opposition is opposed to (which seems to be everything the Government tries?)

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  4. 1I think the gerbils would manage the whole thing more effectively! I listen to Radio 4 on the way to work most days but I’m now in the habit of switching to CD if Brexit is discussed at all – it’s doing my head in. Needless to say, I’ve been listening to loads of music!

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    1. What makes me laugh is they are cocking up the easy bit. The hard bit which they haven’t started is bringing in the changed systems and getting people to understand them. I thought that would take at least 18 months, they seem to think it’s just going to magically happen overnight.


  5. Yes, what a mess fir the UK. How on earth are they going to manager Ulster and Ireland? B wild a Trumplike wall??? My British Passport is about to expire and I’m wondering what kind I am going to get back. Not an EU one that’s for sure.

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  6. I have kept out of the Brexit thing, I think it happened by accident and everything after this is political realism to the techniques of Nicolo Machievelli to subvert and coerce us back in. It’s all a distraction.

    However, and the white house is a giant owl if you look on Google map too, look at Brussels from above….

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