The Boy Cat is happy. Getting his tummy tickled. Apart from eating and sleeping, that is his favourite thing. It provides such a great stress release for the human.


You find out that the cat has been lying on your Black T-shirt. White cat hair is not a great look on black….

The cat – a stress reliever and stress provider….

91 thoughts on “Cat and stress?

  1. He’s a cutie, and there’s always the defuzzer. lol
    When I was working, Maggie would get up on the arm of the chair and I would stroke her. I could feel the stess of the day easing away, and after about ten minutes, she;d jump off and go on her own bed. My neighbour was right with her gift the other day:
    “I don’t need a therapist………… I’ve got a dog”. Works with cats too…………………

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  2. They are great stress relievers! We have one, Oliver, who always senses when I am sad, and comes to plop himself in my lap for pets. His loud purring always helps. And as for the shirt … look on the bright side … at least he didn’t throw up on it! 😼

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  3. Cats are machiavellian – experts in sado-masochism, the giving of pleasure mixed with pain.

    Trust one at your peril! Ask any dog. πŸ˜‰

    I do have one question: Who left a black shirt lying around where a white haired cat could lie on it??

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  4. I love this post πŸ˜€ We are fortunate enough to have a solid black cat at the moment who doesn’t shed. However, in times past, oh my! I have had belongings which seemed to disappear in kitty fur. Just poof – gone.

    I definitely believe cats are the best stress relievers though. Even science has confirmed that a cat’s purr relives anxiety and lowers blood pressure. But, as you’ve so perfectly stated, they also raise it too!

    Thanks for the smile πŸ™‚ Have a really great day

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