Thanks to everyone who suggested new ways of fitting a duvet cover. Yesterday’s Hulk Smash and Hulk Rage look is not good. So we had a second go this morning. Unbelievably the cover was fitted with 5 minutes. Happy Days.

The Duvet looked good on our son’s bed. Even Captain Chaos was excited. This excitement seemed to build and build. Suddenly he was desperate to get up close and personal with it. Urgently sniffing at it and wagging his tail. His excitement would not stop. So he was kicked out of the bedroom. But he just sat barking at the door.

What is wrong.

So again he was let back into the room. He immediately jumped onto the bed and started scratching at the Duvet. On a closer inspection – an unusual bump in the duvet. What alien object is that. So the cover was again removed. The alien object turned out to be a very well chewed blue crocodile. Sorry folks I must have missed the part of the instructions which talked about checking for dog toys before putting the cover on….

So order is restored. The cover is back on and Captain Chaos is reunited with his buddy…

60 thoughts on “The Duvet Years

  1. A dog and his toy can never be separated.
    All hell’s let loose if one of Maggie’s babies falls off the bed in the night. We have 2 small PIR lights on the floor in the bedroom plus one in the hall where her food and water is so that she can see where she’s going. We did have a kid’s night light, but read that the light was doing more harm than good to a dog’s vision. These PIRs work, the bedroom ones having blue rubber gloves over them to dim the brightness.

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      1. Maggie’s final wee is between 8 and 9 pm then we retire, She snuggles down and apart from turning round or getting up for a drink in the night, she’s good until about 6.30 – 7a m.

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  2. HA! Well Done you! (admittedly, not perfectly well done – but who’s perfect all the time?? πŸ™‚

    Glad all’s well that ends well. πŸ™‚

    You’re a Wonder! πŸ˜‰

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  3. Fantastic! It’s easier with two. Even when I was professionally house-keeping, we worked in twos to put on new duvets. If the two of you work together on duvet changes…it should go more smoothly – well…it should – lol!

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  4. He he. You should see it in our house, trying to get the duvet civer ob. Can you imagine, with one blind and lame and the other one just lame but a but confused! πŸ˜€. Good ole croc. He found a warm place lol xx

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