Son was asking me for my favourite non rock song. His is Gangnam Style. I like it because he dances as bad as me…..

For me it’s a tough call. Could be:

  • Sinatra – My Way
  • Roger Whittaker – Durham Town
  • Elvis – Always on my mind
  • Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world
  • Johnny Cash – If you could read my mind

But one song stands out. It always has done. It’s kinda sad, kinda uplifting. It comes from an old funny TV series. Due South. I can’t think how many times I’ve joined in the chorus. Let’s Ride Forever.

31 thoughts on “Due South

      1. Yes, it ran into the same problem most good series have. After three or four years, you run out of ideas and things are not fresh anymore. It takes a lot of writers to make long running series continually interesting. I don’t think they had that many writers working on the series.

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  1. Nice list! I am prone to go to a slow Tom Waits song like Waltzing Matilda or slow Paul Simon like Heart and Bones (the one he wrote about his marriage to Carrie Fisher) – love their lyrics

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      1. Gotta be careful with Tom Waits – I really like him but his voice can get to some. His first album is my favorite with “I hope that I don’t fall in love with you” or “Martha” – both great songs for the category as well.

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  2. I like all sorts of different music so I’ll go for something from Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart’s Junior Choice. Now will it be ‘My Brother’ by Terry Scott, ‘ Right Said Fred’ by Bernard Cribbins? Nah, Shirley Ellis ‘Clapping Song’ 3-6-9 The goose drunk wine …

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  3. Musta missed that one – and the series too. 😦

    I’m an Eagles fan from way way back so The Last Resort has always been a favourite of mine – not one of their better known songs, but slow and sad and very deep.

    Either that or Eva Cassidy – Somewhere. The voice of an Angel.

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      1. I watched it many times over as a young adult and even started thanking people by saying “Thank you kindly”, because it reminded me of the way the character Benton behaved. I still thank people that way today (more out of habit now than anything else). Royal Canadian Mounted Police were a special interest of mine for a few years too. It was so funny! Thanks for triggering a wonderful set of memories!

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