Alexa selected Green Day. Don’t want to be an American Idiot. Tremendous – that doesn’t link with any of the threads I was thinking about. So let’s stick to the plan and see where this takes us down a political road.

Our PM stood in front of the nation this week and said nothing was her fault. But one line really stood out.

“I am on your side….”

Respectfully can I tell you PM May to sod off.

Where you on my side when:

– you actively started copying the current US Presidents approach to running a government

– you put your own self preservation above the need to properly consider a Brexit which helps and protects our country

– when you stood back and watched utility/transport companies flout the market and excessively raise prices

– when you ignored local and environmental objections, forcing fracking on our communities

– when you savagely cut school, health and policing budgets

– when you traded with rogue nations

– when you actively promoted feelings of little Britain. Sending out advert buses demonising good people who had decided to come to Britain to live and work

– when you turned your back on the Grenell Tower survivors and all those families still living in potentially unsafe buildings

– when you sat back and watched changes to the education system which so badly impacted kids with Dyslexia and Autism

– when your decisions continue to destroy our beloved NHS

– when the only voices you listen to are your own deluded tones plus a handful of your own far right MPs and 10 DUP MPs

– when you pay lip service to the mental health crisis facing this country

– when you tell the kids to stop protesting about the environment.

So NO you are not on our side, just your own.

Our gerbils are ready to roll. They will happily form a government which will truly be for the people and rodents. The price – just a few toilet rolls…

74 thoughts on “Alexa decides

  1. A news report quoted a Tory donor who suggested a national unity government until things were sorted. That set me thinking who would lead it?
    Can’t be one of the current players – as tribalism will immediately occur.
    What about an outsider? Worked for the Marshall plan? Geldof isn’t doing anything and he did call the Ethiopian president c— to his face. No?
    What about a forceful and ethical business leader. Nope me neither.
    Looks like the gerbils then.

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      1. Actually things can’t be as bad as we think as King Arthur hasn’t awakened from his sleep to fulfil his messianic duty to save Britain in its hour of need. Or maybe he has but is stuck in a traffic jam on the A303.

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      1. It reminds me of that film …what’s it called?…
        …you know the one with the weather man who gets stuck living the same day over and over. The way all the townsmen look to that furry critter to predict the weather to come.

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  2. Where do i send my empty toilet rolls?? 🙂

    I heard that ‘I am on your side’ line – repeated frequently, i believe??

    So, given that the Vote originally was 52%-48%, was she talking to the (formerly) 52% that has probably lost 10% + thanks to the drawn-out, countless ineffectual votes in Parliament and clear loss of political will to do anything of any real effect, or the (formerly) 48% who contain the majority of MP’s who’ve been doing everything they can to derail any possibility of the ‘plan’ (and i use the term in it’s most loose sense) ever coming into force??

    Which half of the population is it she says she’s on ‘their’ side with??

    It’s enough to drive a man to bake! 😉

    Vote: GERBILS – 1 !

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  3. Have you heard of any plans to privatize the NHS? I came across an article about a year ago — I’ve lost the link to it now. It didn’t seem too reliable I recall thinking. But it said some American insurance companies and billionaires were trying to persuade your government that slyly easing into privatization would be a very good idea.

    Although it doesn’t affect you directly there’s a ray of light here in Colorado. Last year’s state elections saw a huge backlash against Donald Twitter — “Twit” to his family. Apparently, the key factor was the one-third of the voters who are not affiliated with any party. They swung to the Democrats by a sizable margin. We now have all state-wide offices held by Dems. And both houses of the state legislature controlled by Dems.

    All because — and this perhaps might strike you as mysteriously inexplicable — all because Twit doesn’t seem too popular out here in Colorado. Who could have thought such a thing?

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    1. Yes unfortunately. Many in our Government see the NHS as anti competition. Rather than pay taxes we should move to an American insurance system. Now Trump is looking to open up the NHS to American companies, it’s a price he is apparently demanding for a trade deal. It is shocking.


  4. She definitely isn’t on our side. And all the MPs she alienated that night – those people, some of whom have received death threats because of Brexit comments or choices – they won’t thank her for trying to put the blame on everyone else in the government either. Great way to encourage cooperation and looking for a solution together.

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