A vintage car rally passed through the village. Neither of us are that bothered with cars but we don’t get many things happening here. So might as well enjoy it. So we sat on the garden wall and watched car after car pass through. Son enjoyed the feel of an event to himself…….

Funnily enough I have owned a couple of these cars (in a lot worse condition often unrecognisable under the rust)

I have also had quite a few of these cars as little corgi toys.

“Dad some of these cars sound very odd, not very healthy.”

Strangely Son those are the British built cars. I suspect some of these cars are eating themselves from the inside.

“Dad these very old cars look better than your last car. I bet they are quicker than that car as well”

Yes son our Ford was a funny car. It did manage to do 250000 miles (that’s a trip to the moon). Yes at the end our hoover had more power. It was that knackered it struggled to overcome the earths gravitational pull so it tended to not move.

113 thoughts on “Old cars

  1. These look so nice. My dad would have enjoyed sitting there watching them. I get sad thinking about the day when my car will no longer work well it was given to me after my grandmother died. It’s 11 years old with over 100,000 miles on it. I hope it stays running for many more years to come.

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      1. Wow. You have a lot of nice cars. If I had money, I would probably have a lot, too.

        Do you drive it or have a chauffeur?

        My parents’ MGB was a lot of fun (I was just a kid) but, it didn’t fare well when they hit a dog by accident. I remember my dad telling me “It was the only time I ever saw your momma speechless.”

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      2. The same reason people collect salt & pepper shakers or Disney plates…and never use them. More money than sense. If something is rare, then nobody else can have it (said the seven year old bully on the playground).

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      3. Couldn’t agree more. Remember the village had an old French pre First World War car parked up, spoke to the driver who was sat having a coffee. Basically he said the car would be worth a ton of money if it was mint but he took his out for drives. His argument it’s a car so you drive it.

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      4. That is true. Oil gets thick. Engines can lock up. Transmissions can lock up. Batteries go dead or leak acid. Tires go flat and/or rot. Ditto any and all rubber like belts & hoses. Even antifreeze will break down after a while. Gas in the tank can thicken. Even the fuel injectors (if you have those) will break down.

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      5. If you want to post a picture in comments, upload it to your site (if not already done) and grab the URL. All of your media has its own “address”. Copy that and paste it into the comment field.

        I was a web programmer in another life.

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      6. I think I tried that first but it didn’t seem to work hence I put the post instead! If you’re clever with computers perhaps you might know the answer to a question I have. I post on WordPress and put a pingback link in and it comes up on their site and links back to my post, however if I do it from my Blogger site it never works. I think WordPress and Blogger may be designed not to encourage you to use the other site, who knows?

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      7. WP is programmed in PHP, just like FakeBook. Blogger is owned by Google and I haven’t a clue what it is programmed in. Never bothered to look.

        WP pingbacks work within WP.com. I’m not entirely sure if it works with WP.org. Blogger is a separate platform. Pingbacks like that won’t cross platforms. They would have to be attached in some manner. Even having your posts appear on FB or Twitter requires a plug-in.

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  2. it is a matter of some pride to my brother and I that our father’s vehicular judgements were so flawed he owned three of the top ten worst ever cars as voted by what car in the 1970s. All British, all incapable of functioning as sold but variously made a splendid chicken coop, an erratic but always hot oven and an incubator for rodents

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  3. Ha! I love this! I had a Morgan 4/4 for a while but spent more time under the bonnet and looking for the battery than any woman should. Turned out it was under the back seat … although it was less of a seat and more of a space for a small dog or a handbag…

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      1. No – far too expensive and you have to take in other attractions too – so it would take all day to cover it. Even if you just wanted to see the Abbey, you’d have to pay for the museum as well


  4. Nice Photo’s Sir – I hope you both had fun? You certainly has a ‘front row seat’. 🙂

    I think the white one is a Volvo P60 2-door coupe! The early Saint (Simon Templar) used to have one for a while?? But i could be wrong?

    When i was at Uni I helped a friend gather keys hidden around town for a competition. One of the keys i found with him won him a brand new 1977 RS2000 Ford Escort, like the yellow one.

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      1. 🙂 Ha! I bought a 2nd hand Cortina Mk II that was well past it’s prime and had rust (we don’t salt our roads in Winter so ours don’t rust as much!). I loved that car (manual 2.0 litre)!

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  5. Love old cars and know the feeling of rust and paint flaking. i live near a salt water gulf and never owned a new car but once and then it got wrecked. rofl. We do the best we can with we have.

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