When they get round to making the Great Escape 3 I’ve found the perfect replacement for the brilliant Steve McQueen. Captain Chaos.

I was just going to say Great Escape 2 but apparently that was made in 1988 – completely missed that one.

He doesn’t need a motorbike.

He’s escaped through a gap between the bushes. So I put garden mesh up.

So he ripped the mesh down. So I put up fence panels.

He dug underneath the fence. So I had to put a think layer of stones under the fence.

He climbed over the fence. So I had to put iron wire mesh across the top of the fence. So he pulled the panels of the fence, basically tore his way through the fence. So I’ve had to buy a new stronger fence panel.

Now the little darling has worked out how to climb over the fence and wire mesh He then climbs through the thick bush.

Maybe I should try a really big wall. Donald says they always work. Unfortunately I can’t declare an emergency and secure government money for that plan. Happy Days.

58 thoughts on “Great Escape

  1. “Colonel Von Luger, it is the sworn duty of all officers to try to escape. If they cannot escape, then it is their sworn duty to cause the enemy to use an inordinate number of troops to guard them, and their sworn duty to harass the enemy to the best of their ability. ”


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  2. My previous dog used to wait until I left, then pop over the gate, visit all the neighbours, get pats and snacks and attention, and somehow know when to head on home, pop back over the fence and be sitting, angelic-like, on the back step.
    I didn’t know any of this until I met my SO who came home and thought she’d been stolen or lost or something, panicked and went running down the street – only to find out it happens every work day.

    I’m sure she tried on all her tricks to avoid being dobbed into the boss, but it didn’t work.
    After that, she got left in the shed, but one of the neighbours relented and said the catch on the door didn’t keep her in there, either.

    I think the dog felt she was quite a bit smarter than me, and maybe she was right. I still miss her.

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  3. complete buggeration; no suggestion from here I’m afraid. My daughter has a cat after CC’s heart; he has feline aids so, as a Vet she feels he has to be kept within the confines of their garden, which means a six foot high panelled fence with a contraption atop that saw use in the inquisition. He’s taken to tearing off the fence panels – a bloody cat with the forearm strength of something Marvel scripted. I’s no wonder they call him the Boss

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  4. That is a really great picture of Captain Chaos! I am excited to hear what obstacles you put before him that he is going to continue to try an overcome. Your good deeds to keep him contained, thwarted! I hate it when my dogs get out, so I totally feel you. It is just his name and his deeds that keep this on a hero/villain playing field 🙂

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      1. You know, I just had a tough week. So, when I was critiqued on my squat I got a stupid trembly lip. And then I didn’t want to go on Friday because someone I didn’t know (a guy at that) was running the class. I am sure it will all be good again. I am running a half tomorrow, so I am happy for that. Not sure if it will be fast – can’t say I am in the mood to really push it – but I am always happy to get out on the course and have the experience. How has your running week been?

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      2. I am sorry it’s been a tough week. The hard thing is that the pressure keeps on you week after week. You get some better ones and some worse ones. It’s inevitable you get those trembly lip moments. Really hope it improves next week. The run will do you the world of good. Hoping to get out next week.

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  5. My dog has dug holes all around the garden trying to escape. We fill one with big rocks & he starts digging in another place! When he did manage to escape, he came around and sat at the front door! I don’t see the point! 😆

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  6. 😀 Our family dog when I was a child would climb the fence. It was chainlink; and, yes, he stuck his paws in the holes and ascended.

    My parents kept him on a constant leash. It was a leash attached to a runner line. Apparently, it could reach the fence at its original length because he still climbed when they first put him on… Some dogs are just Houdinis.

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  7. It’s just a stage he’s going though!

    And some garden mesh he’s going through,
    And a fence he’s going through,
    And a hedge he’s going through,
    And some rocks,
    And your bank balance,
    And your fragile confidence,
    But mostly it’s a stage – he wants to be a star on one! 🙂

    Call Hollywood and tell them you have the next star of The Great Escape 3 and he’ll work for doggie treats! 😉

    I missed TGE2 too – if it makes you feel any better, which i distinctly doubt!

    Have you thought about tying 4 mini-wellies on his paws?? 🙂

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