A dog walk often leads to walking around with your head in the clouds. Lost in thoughts. Walking on autopilot.

Last night was the perfect example. Dog chasing his tail. Our son was lost in dreams . I was lost in the world of home finances. Suddenly the silence was broken.

Dad we have picked up another dog”

To my left, happily trotting alongside us was a beautiful sheepdog. When we stopped she happily sat while the mad dog sniffed her and son hugged her. Everywhere we went she followed. Wagging tail. Wanting attention. Annoyingly when I said sit. Our dog continued charging around, the sheepdog sat instantly.

Can we have her if she is homeless”

Sadly about 10 minutes later a farmer turned up to retrieve his dog. A rather grumpy farmer. Clearly not impressed with his dog. As we set off the sheepdog continued to follow us. Farmer even more grumpy. Eventually the dog reluctantly got into the tractor and left.

What’s a happy dog like her doing with a mean old man like him”

I suspect the sheepdog had come to that conclusion to.

61 thoughts on “Head in the clouds

  1. She was probably a working dog and as you know, farmers don’t always treat them as loved pets. We learned very quickly when we moved to Lincolnshire that farmers shot first and asked questions later. Maggie never went into a field, even if the gates were open, and they soon realised that ‘them wot wave’ (ie us) owned the black and white dog that didn’t go into their fields.

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  2. She sounds like the perfect dog. I have a couple of silly ones that I wished were calm and obedient like the sheepdog. I guess I could train them…. I like your son’s conclusion!

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      1. Well, my lab “graduated” puppy preschool – and then I stopped taking her to training as the lessons were just so expensive. Wish they were cheaper as she is just such a big silly oaf I can’t take anywhere. The little one is good, she just barks all the time. I think it is because she is a rescue and is telling everyone, “Hey! Go away! I got somethin good goin on here! Back off!” πŸ™‚

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  3. Love the photograph – you’re rather good at it, you know? πŸ™‚

    Beautiful tale of a small slice of country life!

    Your son has a way of cutting right down to the ‘chase’ of a matter. It’s a good job you have him to keep you informed and aware of what is happening around you, otherwise you might miss important details! πŸ˜‰

    You think The Grumpy Farmer would take a straight swap for the sheepdog with a soon-to-be video superstar??? πŸ˜€

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  4. That is a really lovely photograph! You could ask the farmer how much he wants for the dog and have an appeal on here, I’m sure people would help. Mind you it would be extra work but if you do end up home schooling then providing things for the dog to do could be your son’s job. And the dog could herd Captain Chaos and keep him in the garden!
    I love this quote (not totally accurate, from memory) from Elizabeth Gilbert, ‘Having a creative mind is like having a border collie for a pet. You need to give it something to do, if you don’t, it will find something itself, and you may not like what it finds…)
    If nothing else you gave that dog a few minutes of love
    All the best

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  5. What a sweet story! And that photo of the landscape is *stunning!* My goodness, what a gorgeous walk that would be!

    It always makes me sad when I see animals with mean owners. I wonder what their lives are like, hoping for the best. Both dogs sound adorable and I wish you could’ve taken the other home too πŸ˜‰

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      1. Oh no, it makes sense. Well back in the day the school year revolved around the farming year: summer’s the busiest time with planting and starting on the harvest, etc. But nowadays? No, a year-round school year makes waaaaaaaaaaaay more sense for kids and grown-ups alike.

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