Can’t see the woods for the trees.

That seems to sum up my thinking recently. So many things going on. So many things to sort out. Feeling tired. Feeling like a bout of depression might be heading my way. But not really sure the route cause. So it feels like I am aimlessly wandering around the wood of life, attending lots of trees but ultimately getting lost.

Maybe we need a break. We haven’t had a holiday or extended break since 2015. In fact we haven’t had a night away in those 4 years. We are certainly not unique. Many have gone longer than that without a break.

It is not so easy. Holidays are expensive, especially when you take them during school recesses. It’s not easy for our son as he struggles with crowds and new environments. Causes him so much anxiety. I also worry (and Son does) about something happening to me while on holiday – no backup so son could be alone, stranded miles from family.

As a result I suspect 2019 will continue the holiday free trend.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to sound like Home is a Prison. It really isn’t. Son almost sees it as our castle. A place of safety which can keep out the alien world. Plus Staycations can be really fun and very cheap. So how to fashion a break while Staying at Home. Maybe plenty of day trips to quiet locations. Lots of games and fun things.

I really need to think about this. Probably need to get out of the wood first though.

36 thoughts on “Lost in the woods

  1. Bo and I were just talking about this. Our holidays have usually just been to places relatives own–cabins in the North Woods. However, with both our jobs in flux (not the jobs themselves! More like they’re changing hours and such) we’re not even sure we can manage a trip up north. Like you said, lots of day trips, and lots of comfy time. 🙂

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  2. Love that shot! – Nice composition and subjects, appropriate to the post too. 🙂

    Many have indeed gone longer than 4 years without any kind of holiday or break (me for one!) however, very few of them have the sort of issues to deal with 24/7 that you 2 do!

    There probably is not one single ‘issue’ that might be a root cause, it is more likely the combined constant pressures you face daily/weekly/annually/continually. And the feeling of having to do it virtually single-handedly (there are over 7 billion other people on this planet to chose from who could possibly lend you a hand once in a while though?)

    Sleep is, of course, one major factor that either of you might need help with that a real break might offer some relief.

    Overcoming some of the fear that is influencing your life and life enjoyment is also a priority. We all have a desire to feel ‘safe’ (and i appreciate your son’s very particular case) but it should not come at the cost of being isolated, imprisoned or sealed off from the rest of the world.

    You got mail! 😉


  3. I sensed that something was not quite right Gary, and I kind of guessed right, and what it was. You have been under so much pressure. Just SO much for one person. Yet you do SO admirably. It really cannot be easy.

    Regarding holidays, yes, I can see how you really need one. Got no suggestions I’m afraid. But I understand.

    We are in the same position, and yesterday when we went past a caravan site in B,yton, which is only 10 miles away, and is my home village, I said to hubby (called Bob) that I wished we could just go in a caravan therelol. But that was oie in the smy. NO way could we do it with our disabilities. Holidays are completely out of the question for us now. Not even disabled cottages are any good for us as I get so sick nowadays. But oh how I would LOVE to be able to holiday again.

    I wish I could suggest something Gary. Have you thought of doing a walk across the Humber Bridge? The views are glorious on a sunny day. It’s not too far either, but don’t know how your son would feel with it.

    I so wish I could help. I have sensed the depression coming upon you Gary. So I am sending you a hug. It is the least that I can do. Big hug. Xx

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    1. Thank you dear Lorraine. Humber Bridge is a great idea. We are going to the a zoo tomorrow. I bought a couple of heavily discounted season tickets last year. If we get there early will get an hour or so before it gets too busy. Hope it’s not too bad today for you.


  4. Staycations or somewhere near is good. Maybe a town that’s a day away and has an excellent Sherlock Homes museum would work. If nothing else, you two can enjoy the hotel room (movies and free breakfast) and the drive.

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  5. Growing up, we were fortunate that my father did not have to work during school holidays, and most holidays we spent camping at various locations around New Zealand’s North Island. One year when my father was hospitalised, for almost 6 months, we were not able to do a camping trip. Instead, the four kids and our mother set up tents in our back yard, locked the door to the house and spent a week in the back yard. It was great fun. There was a violent storm one night during our camp out, and although two of my siblings sought refuge in the house, my mother, I and one sibling spent the night, tightening ropes and pushing up sagging roofs, and loving every minute of it.

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  6. We used to do house swaps. Once we swapped my mum’s Norfolk house for house in York, family house with bikes for my son to use. We had a great time. Solves pet care issue too.

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  7. I know people who go on about holidays away as if they were pretty much a human right, and not understanding anyone who doesn’t. But as you say, staycations can be fun, especially if going away would cause more stress or anxiety for one or more of the people involved.

    I wish we didn’t have this weird social pressure where people get judged for staying at home. I know this isn’t what you’re saying, but it’s what I started thinking about when I read it. As soon as you say you have some time off, the first question you get is “where are you going?” Sometimes I get tired of it!

    Hope you can find a way out of the woods soon, or at least a clearing where you can take a break.

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      1. I know. It’s like we’ve lost our sense of what’s normal. I guess it’s like that for children at school too with others asking after the holidays. The expectations have got out of hand somehow.

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