It’s been one of those days. Slightly sad that those lovely Swiss Sunday Mornings are gone. Don’t get me wrong I am eternally thankful to have had those opportunities in the past.

Normally I try to keep the school holidays free to focus solely on our son. It’s the least I can do given what he’s been through.

But this Easter I need to get some cash in so I am going to have to work a bit. One day might be a 10 hour day. I don’t have any cover for our son so he is going to have to come with me. Yes he will still get time with me but it’s going to be so boring for him. It’s such a waste of his holidays. This makes me so sad and so frustrated. He deserves better than this. Will have to find a way of making this up to him.

54 thoughts on “Kinda sad

  1. Please don’t be so hard on yourself, you are working so he has the things he needs, it’s not like you are dragging him down the pub with you! I used to have a shop and my son used to have to come in occasionally with me so I know what you mean but saying that I used to love going to work with my Dad because it was a rare bit of one on one time, precious when you come from a large family. It is so obvious that the time you spend with your son you are really there with and for him, I am sure he will get that you wouldn’t be working on this occasion if you didn’t have to.

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  2. You could always take him to see Dumbo in 3D…. only this time with the glasses?? 😉

    While the two of you are in the office maybe he’d like to prepare you a new resume? – try and get you a better job with less hours or more pay?? I’m sure he would be brutally honest!
    Prospective employers really like that, so I’m told??

    Just be with him as much as is possible – he’s an intelligent lad, he’ll get it! 🙂


  3. We spent most of our school holidays window cleaning with Dad. It was good for us. We learnt a lot about work. Dad gave us tasks. We even had treats from some of his customers. Dad always bought us something nice from a bakery for lunch. There were some days we may have wanted to be elsewhere, but as I look back I would not trade those days with Dadda for anything!

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  4. You know, I always think of you and your son as a very special team. You care about him so much and want the best for him. I think he feels the same for you and will do whatever it takes for your team to shine. Hope it works out – sorry you feel so bummed.

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      1. (Cue the Gloria Gaynor music and hear me sing) “…….I have survived!” 🙂 I am debating on posting about it or not. I am surprised how being gone for only a short period of time requires so much catch up!

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      2. It did! It was super crowded again. Over 17,000 runners this time. So, I was crowd dodging again for the first three miles and then able to catch a groove for the final seven. The girls were okay. Sometimes felt like I was watching a tennis match between strong personalities, but I am pretty flexible and didn’t care who picked what – so no one was mad at me. The kids did okay too. I would say it was a good weekend. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

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      3. Not right now – I am all done until the fall. I was starting to do some longer runs but an old stress fracture in my left foot is achy so I am not going to push it now. I don’t run well in the summer – the heat and the humidity really get to me so I dial my mileage way back so I don’t get too mentally down on myself. I am on a race break. Have you been able to get any runs in?

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