For us the perfect Sunday morning was a Swiss one. Maybe I should get sponsored by the Switzerland Tourist Board – any free bars of Toblerone would be happily received ….. in my dreams. Suspect that the Visit Yorkshire Team wouldn’t even give us a free stick of rhubarb.

A leisurely breakfast of hot chocolate, caffeine, freshly made bread, butter, various cheeses, fruit and birchermuesli. Sat by the lake looking at the Alps.

Then a short walk to the boat stop and wait for the precision perfect boat to arrive. Sometimes it’s a stunning Steam Boat.

Then sit and watch the world go by for 2 hours. Stunning views. An early wine or fresh peppermint tea. Maybe even some Swiss choir signing. Certainly some chocolate.

Happy Days.

85 thoughts on “Perfect Sunday Mornings

  1. A virtual holiday isn’t a real one… but it’s the next best thing! 😉 Soak it all up and indulge your imaginations a little! (with a bar or two of Swiss chockie!)

    I didn’t know Swiss Choirs did performances for deaf people too?? (signing) 😉

    Love the photos, but whose flag is that exactly on the last pic? Belgium??? (Nah – wrong way up!)

    Seems it’s Mannheim, Germany??

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  2. Out Sunday here in SW Louisiana is rainy but peaceful. I am surrounded by rice fields and crawfish fields so in the evening when the sun sets and glistens off the water, if you didn’t know what it was you’d think you were driving through lakes, that roadways were built in between. It’s a wonderful view, just as yours is, just different.

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  3. Some stunning views there.

    Our Sunday breakfasts tend to involve huge amounts of toast, slowly consumed over the best part of an hour. It’s relaxing to be able to sit back and enjoy some time together knowing that there is nothing for which anyone needs to anyone needs to rush off.

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      1. Honestly, I have extended family near here so would probably stick around. I’d definitely move house to somewhere with a large yard, well-built antique house, and full staff. 😉

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      1. I don’t know what would help, I’m in no better situation myself in terms of being stuck in a place. I just so happened to come across a comment on someone else’s blog and found out about this online martial arts course based in the UK. A new hobby to consider? I’ve also heard that martial arts can be of beneficial to autistic children, in terms of enhancing concentration. Something to consider if you’re interested.

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